Vancouver Personal Training Clients of the month: November 2014

FullSizeRenderVancouver Personal Training clients Nikki and Shira have been coming to Precision for three years now. They’ve done everything from Group Fitness Classes to Personal Training they’ve participated in many of our 21-Day Challenges and seen great results. They’ve both come along way, Shira worked hard over the summer to get fit for her Wedding at the end of Summer 2014 and over the past year, Nikki has lost over 20lbs of fat mass and cut her body fat percentage down by over 50%. Congrats to the both of them, we’re happy to have them in the gym working hard and also happy to have them help with our Social Media! We had a Q & A with the both of them! Heres how it went:  Q: How did you first discover Precision Athletics? Nikki : Shira and I were introduced to Precision through my co-worker Claire. Claire invited us to join her as a a fun activity we could do together over lunch a couple times a week. It was a great way to energize for the afternoon. Claire has since moved to Toronto but Shira and I have continued our weekly workouts for the past 2 and a half years. We moved our training to morning sessions which is a great way to start off your day. I never thought I would be a morning gym person but I really find it’s a fantastic way to kick off your day and it gives me lots of energy to keep going throughout my workday. It’s also a no excuses time of day to have a session. No one is asking you for a cocktail at 7:00am so it’s easy to keep the commitment without it impacting your social life. Shira: I started at Precision 2 and a half years ago with my two co-workers Nikki and Claire. We signed up for private training sessions with Craig twice a week and we were immediately hooked. What started as a gruelling (and often achy) fitness regime has now become an integral part of my lifestyle. It’s been amazing to see and feel my progress over the past couple of years. I feel stronger and healthier than ever. Q: What is your favourite part about Personal Training? Nikki: My favourite thing about personal training seeing how much stronger I have become. When I first started training with Precision I could barely do 10 knee push-ups. Now I am doing full push-ups on a boso ball and clap push-ups. It’s incredible how much stronger you can get through consistent training. Amy and Katie are always challenging us with harder exercises so it never gets “easy” and we continue to see results. Shira: My favourite part about personal training is being able to constantly raise the bar and achieve feats of strength that I couldn’t do before. I also enjoy my weekly catch-ups with our trainers, Amy and Katie. They’re tons of fun and keep me motivated week after week. Q: What keeps you motivated to come to your appointments? Nikki: Training with a friend and having committed one-on-one personal training keeps me motivated to come to my appointments. It’s easier to skip out on a class if someone isn’t expecting you. Shira and I train on Tuesday’s with Katie and Thursdays with Amy. I feel accountable to Amy and Katie to show up and do my best. Shira: I totally agree with Nikki. It’s really great to have a workout companion to hold me accountable, especially at the early morning sessions. When that alarm goes off at 6am, it’s the people I train with that get me out of bed. And for me personally, scheduling exercise after work rarely pans out. So I know that if I can tick this off my to-do list first thing in the morning, it’s off my mind for the rest of the day. Q: What are your current fitness goals? How has Precision Athletics helped you toward reaching these goals? Nikki: My fitness goals are to lead a healthy lifestyle which includes a regular fitness routine, eating healthy and getting a good night’s sleep. Precision Athletics has been a great help in reaching my goals. For anyone trying to get in the habit of better eating habits I highly recommend the 21 Fat Flush. The principles I learned in that program have become the guidelines for how I eat. It also taught me how good you can feel from eating right. I’ve adopted a ton of great habits from that program that have stuck in my daily diet. Shira: I recently got married and this was great motivation to get fit and feel my best. I accomplished this goal by exercising pretty much every single day. My current fitness goal is to maintain this lifestyle of personal training, indoor cycling, running, or just finding a way to move around and work up a sweat as often as possible. I find that when I’m this active, my diet follows, and my energy is really high. Q: Tell us what is your favourite exercise and why? Nikki: I enjoy anything that involves strength. I like working with the TRX or doing weight training. It’s also great when we do work that involves stabilization and weights. Anything that gets me shaking and pouring sweat is awesome. Shira: My favourite exercises are ones that combine weights and core. It’s oddly satisfying working a muscle group to the point of exhaustion. And I might as well tone my tummy while I do it! Q: Now, what is your least favourite exercise to hear you have to do? Nikki: We run a lot of stairs. A lot of stairs… which is a great way to increase cardo and strength but somehow it never seems to get easier. Shira: Wall balls… ugh. They never get easier. Q: How do you transfer what you do/learn at your sessions into your lifestyle?  Nikki: Craig and the Precision Team are full of great tips of how to live a healthier lifestyle. As a part of my fitness regiment I’ve incorporated biking to work, adding an extra level of physical activity to my daily routine. It works well as a warm-up and cool down after my workouts as well. Since doing the 21 day fat flush in November 2013, I’ve also cut out caffeine and dairy. I’ve switched my milk to unsweetened almond milk and greek yogurt for smoothies in the morning. I also am always trying to create balanced meals and to cut out any foods with preservatives and additives. I also incorporate a lot of healthy fats into each meal, from nuts like almonds or walnuts to avocados. I try hard to have a healthy protein with every meal. Shira: Our private training sessions were the spark that ignited my current passion for exercise and balanced eating. The more I did it, the stronger I felt, and the more I wanted to continue to push myself. I’ve also done the 21-day fat flush a few times, and each time I discover all these great recipes that I continue to make on a regular basis. Q:  What major accomplishments or break-throughs have you had recently? Nikki: The workouts I do at Precision help me pick up fun activities and lead a healthy lifestyle with minimal effort. For example this summer I took up beach volleyball and biked to work everyday. I’m proud of how strong I’ve become and how much my cardio has improved. My training at Precision has made me confident I can try any exercise from surfing, trail running to extended hikes. Shira: In the past year, I ran the BMO Half Marathon, shaped up for my wedding in a big way, and developed a love for indoor cycling. None of this would be possible without the foundation that Precision Athletics has given me. Q: Anything else you’d like to add, go for it! Nikki: Precision is a great gym. Love working with all the trainers and going to the bootcamps. They are constantly challenging their clients to be their best. Shira: Precision Athletics has been a really positive influence in my life. I’m super grateful for all the trainers and their hard work and encouragement.  

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