Client Spotlight: Sunny Chandan

We are so thrilled to have Sunny Chandan as part of the Precision family and are honored to have been a part of his fitness and wellness journey. Sunny went from being unsure about the best ways to exercise to feeling confident at the gym and having amazing results after only a few months! 

Sunny had a career change and more time on his hands, which prompted him to make his health and fitness a priority. He had worked out with both Craig and Pepe in the past, so got in touch with Precision Athletics to see how we could help. Our team came up with a special program that included strength training and metabolic conditioning. Additionally, Sunny completed an extra strength session and two metabolic HIIT sessions per week. as well as steady-state cardio on his own time.

Our training team is so proud of Sunny and his accomplishments and we look forward to supporting him in 2022.  Sunny looks awesome and has brought a consistently positive attitude to the gym every day to get the work done! Learn more about Sunny’s journey before and after Precision Athletics below. 

What made you want to get started on your fitness journey? 

I was starting to feel unhealthy and unfit. In addition to body weight and BMI, other health indicators like cholesterol and sugar were also trending in the wrong direction so I wanted to make positive changes.

Did you do any exercise prior to working with Precision Athletics? 

Rarely. I played recreational sports occasionally but didn’t do anything with goals/targets.

What has your experience been with exercise prior to working with PA? 

Not great. I’ve gone to gyms before but was always confused. How much weight should I be lifting? What machines should I use? What exercises should I be doing? These would all lead me to default to cardio and skip weights altogether.

Why did you choose to work with a personal trainer? 

Three reasons: 

  1. Injury Prevention: I knew that if I wanted to get serious about training, I would have to get ensure that I could do so without injuring myself. The PA helps ensure that both my setup and movements mitigate any risk of injury.
  2. Metric Tracking: Getting started I didn’t know how much weight I should use, how that weight should change with different exercises, or how I should be increasing weight as I progressively get stronger. PA’s help direct and manage all of that.
  3. Customize Plans: I’ve had a few injuries and needed something that was simple but not cookie-cutter. My PA’s help ensure the exercises I don’t exacerbate existing injuries while increasing both strength and flexibility in the injured areas.

How long have you been training and what have your results been like? 

I’ve been training for a couple of months; the results have been exceptional. In addition to being objectively healthier, I also have more energy and focus on day-to-day tasks.

How do you feel about your results? 

Amazing! It’s extremely rewarding to set and achieve fitness goals. I’ve lost weight, improved my health, and feel better than I’ve ever felt before.

What has been the most challenging part of the journey? 

Consistency. You have to make a choice every day to get some exercise which can get challenging with all of the other priorities we have (family, work, etc.).  

Why did you choose to work with Precision Athletics?

I’ve been to Precision Athletics in the past and LOVE the culture. They take care of their clients by really engaging and ensuring that everyone is getting the attention needed to succeed. 

What keeps you motivated? 

Results. I think as I keep going through the program(s), I keep getting stronger and there’s always a new challenge or goal that can be set.

What are your fitness goals today? 

Setting up a sustainable/balanced schedule. Since the beginning, my schedule has allowed me to work out more so than it would during a “typical” work week. I need to figure out how to build regular workouts and exercises so that I can continue in the long term.

Any advice for people starting out on their fitness journey?

I think what helped me was to just start. The most daunting task was figuring out how I was going to achieve everything all at once. The team at Precision Athletics helped me understand that exercise and working out is incremental – if you can start and commit to trying, even goals you thought were unattainable can become achievable over time. 


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