Vancouver Personal Trainer of the Month: Nerida Karlen

Nerida joined us as a Vancouver personal trainer this fall, she’s adjusting to the cold weather because she’s come from the land down under where they don’t see the cold as we see it! Nerida has been involved in sports from a very young age. With her very positive and outgoing personality, Nerida could clearly foresee a future career in health and fitness. She has been training clients in Australia for the past five years, working with a wide variety of people, and now she is a personal trainer in Vancouver. She has instructed boot camps (for adults and children), one-on-one sessions and self-defense classes for young children.  Her goal is to help people adjust to having health and fitness as a part of their lifestyles, and teaching people to make it a priority to look after their bodies on a lifelong basis, rather than viewing it as a temporary change. She believes being healthy and fit will give you less stress, more happiness, more confidence and more energy to help you live a long, fulfilling life. Nerida has been competitive in gymnastics, cross-country running, triathlons and soccer. She is currently taking boxing & olympic lifting classes and learning more about nutrition, the plan being to broaden her knowledge, enabling her to continue offering individual clients and boot camps more and more. Qualifications: Certificate III in Fitness (group instructor) – Australian Institute of Fitness Certificate IV in Fitness (personal trainer) – Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer Level 1 – Australian Institute of Fitness CPR First Aid

Contact Nerida here to book a personal training session.

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