Trainer Tip: Kayla McDougall

Benefits of TRX Training

TRX is the brand name of a suspension trainer that we use at Precision. It’s essentially a rope system that provides a great bodyweight workout. It leverages

TRX training
Craig demonstrating push-ups with the TRX

gravity and your own bodyweight allowing you to work multiple muscles and joints simultaneously. You can train for a mix of support and mobility, from strength, flexibility and core stability. TRX suspension training was developed by a US Navy SEAL team member as a way to stay in peak condition while away on missions. It’s now used in all branches of the military as well as by pro athletes, fitness professionals and physical therapists around the world. Key benefits to TRX Training:

  • Multifunctional – can be performed anywhere, anytime, by any fitness level.
  • Lightweight and portable – use it when travelling or for outdoor workouts. You can hang the rope from trees, monkey bars, etc.
  • Reduce fitness boredom – hundreds of exercises are possible that can hit every part of your body.
  • Smooth – Makes for easy transitions from one exercise to the next.
  • No excuses – When you can’t get to the gym, use the TRX at home with the TRX door anchor.

If you’re interested in TRX training, ask your trainer for a demonstration. TRX suspension trainers can be purchased through Precision Athletics – see our Gift List for more details or contact Craig – [email protected]. Personal trainer Kayla McDougall recently completed the Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 1 certification: “ I learnt things that changed my life forever. I’m very happy that I can now help others realize how important their health is – not when it just comes to what they eat, but also how they treat their body.” Next up: working towards her C.H.E.K. exercise coach certification.

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