21 Day Challenge Nutrition FAQ

Fruits and Vegetables- high in nutrients and fibre

A few people have asked questions regarding the 21 Day challenge Nutrition. We thought we would post the answers here for everyone to see. If you have a question, just send it to us. Some people seem reluctant to try a different approach to eating. Our plan has you eating mostly protein, healthy fats and fruits and

Fruits and Vegetables- high in nutrients and fibre
Fruits and vegetables are high in nutrients and fibre

vegetables which are high in nutrients and natural fiber. Comparatively grains are low in nutrients and high in calories (when comparing calories and nutrients between the two).  This eating plan has produced amazing results for any of our clients who have stuck with it. Now on to the questions.   Q: Can I have the 0% fat Greek style yogurt on this challenge or is no dairy allowed? A: For this challenge its no dairy. Allot of people have dairy sensitivity, and eliminating it is the only way to find out. Sensitivity is not always allergy. Sensitivity can just cause digestive stress which leads to bloating and water retention and adds to your overall stress profile. When the 21 day challenge is over you can add eliminated items such as dairy and grain back in but do it only one on each day so you can see how you feel. many people notice a lack of energy when having wheat or other foods they may have a minor intolerance for. When having dairy you actually should eat the full fat as weird as that sounds. Otherwise on a % basis the % of sugar goes up and it spikes your insulin. The fat prevents the blood sugar spike. When having dairy always organic (too many weird hormones otherwise, cows do not produce milk all year without drugs….) and always full fat for dairy.   Q: If I do not have a gluten sensitivity, why must I cut it out? I thought whole grains are part of a well balanced diet. A: Most people have some level of sensitivity but may not be aware of it. We recommend to remove it and see how your body reacts  when the challenge is over and you re-introduce it.This will give you a better idea of your sensitivity level. If you have a  minor sensitivity you are unaware of,  it  may add to your overall stress profile , causes water retention and bloating, low energy and ties up valuable fat burning resources. Grain products are also relatively low in nutrients compared with fresh fruits and vegetables. The idea is to substitute fruits and vegetables instead of grain. You will experience better digestion and have more energy. Q:  I am naturally a grazer. Should I no longer be snacking? A:Snacking is great, make sure snacks are balanced: protein, carbs and healthy fats.  See nutrition pamphlet for food lists. Q: Is standard grocery store milk and yogurt considered “processed?” I have a very high calcium diet (especially when in combination with gluten), and I don’t know how to replace those calories to keep a healthy intake. Are there meal plan suggestions? A: Non-organic milk is “processed” . There are meal plan suggestions in the 21 day challenge manual. Green vegetables are high in calcium. There are many other ways to get quality calories besides dairy and gluten such as: nuts, seeds, avacados, vegetable oils etc.

World’s Healthiest Foods ranked as quality sources of calcium
Food Serving Size Cals Amount (mg) DV (%) Nutrient Density World’s Healthiest Foods Rating
Turnip Greens 1 cup, cooked 28.8 197.28 19.7 12.3 excellent
Thyme 2 tsp 7.7 52.92 5.3 12.3 very good
Oregano 2 tsp 9.5 57.49 5.7 10.8 very good
Spinach 1 cup, cooked 41.4 244.80 24.5 10.6 excellent
Collard Greens 1 cup, cooked 49.4 266.00 26.6 9.7 excellent
Dill 2 tsp 12.8 63.67 6.4 8.9 very good
Mustard Greens 1 cup, cooked 21.0 103.60 10.4 8.9 excellent
Tofu 4 oz-wt 86.2 396.89 39.7 8.3 excellent
Cinnamon 2 tsp 12.8 52.10 5.2 7.3 very good
Sea Vegetables 0.25 cup 8.6 33.60 3.4 7.0 good
Rosemary 2 tsp 7.9 30.72 3.1 7.0 good
Blackstrap Molasses 2 tsp 32.1 117.56 11.8 6.6 very good
Cheese 1 oz-wt 72.0 221.69 22.2 5.5 very good
Yogurt 1 cup 154.3 448.35 44.8 5.2 very good
Swiss Chard 1 cup, cooked 35.0 101.50 10.2 5.2 very good
Kale 1 cup, cooked 36.4 93.60 9.4 4.6 very good
Celery 1 cup, raw 16.2 40.40 4.0 4.5 good
Cumin Seeds 1 tsp 15.8 39.10 3.9 4.5 good
Milk 1 cup 122.0 292.80 29.3 4.3 very good
Cloves 2 tsp 13.6 27.13 2.7 3.6 good
Milk – Goat 1 cup 168.4 326.96 32.7 3.5 very good
Romaine Lettuce 2 cups 16.0 31.02 3.1 3.5 good
Sesame Seeds 0.25 cup 206.3 351.00 35.1 3.1 good
Coriander Seeds 2 tsp 17.8 29.20 2.9 3.0 good
Cabbage 1 cup, raw 17.5 28.00 2.8 2.9 good
Fennel 1 cup, raw 27.0 42.63 4.3 2.8 good
Broccoli 1 cup, raw 30.9 42.77 4.3 2.5 good
Garlic 1 oz-wt 42.2 51.31 5.1 2.2 good
Asparagus 1 cup, raw 26.8 32.16 3.2 2.2 good
Green Beans 1 cup, raw 31.0 37.00 3.7 2.1 good
Scallops 4 oz-wt 127.0 130.41 13.0 1.8 good
Brussels Sprouts 1 cup, raw 37.8 36.96 3.7 1.8 good
Leeks 1 cup, raw 54.3 52.51 5.3 1.7 good
Oranges, medium 1 each 61.6 52.40 5.2 1.5 good
Mushrooms – Crimini 5 oz-wt, raw 31.2 25.51 2.6 1.5 good
World’s Healthiest Foods Rating Rule
excellent DV>=75% OR Density>=7.6 AND DV>=10%
very good DV>=50% OR Density>=3.4 AND DV>=5%
good DV>=25% OR Density>=1.5 AND DV>=2.5%

Q: Must I submit the plan for every meal I eat (63-105 meals)?   A: The food log is not mandatory, however to be eligible for prizes you must submit a food log at the end. Many people find the writing down of what they eat really adds focus and accountability.   Q: Why is Dairy not allowed but goat milk allowed?   A: Goat products do not contain lactose which 85% of the population has some form of intolerance to. Goat products are more digestible and there fore you get more nutrients.

Part of this challenge is to change some of the foods you always eat and substitute them with other healthy options. Some people eat the same foods every day and that alone can lead to intolerance or allergic reactions forming in the body.
Q: Are protein shakes ok?
A: Protein powder that is not Whey is fine. Whey is dairy which is to be avoided. Whey protein is said to be hard to digest. Try egg protein powder (I use Gold Standard 100% egg or Vega).
Q: Can I have Vega it has brown rice protein and rice is not allowed?
A:  Vega is fine, brown rice protein is just the protein and not whole thing (as in having 2 scoops of rice instead of a serving of vegetables at dinner).
Q: Can I have soy milk? It says to avoid soy and tofu.
A: If possible choose almond milk over soy. Soy is one the most genetically modified foods and is hard to digest. Also, it causes your body to produce phytoestrogen which is linked to sterility and low testosterone in men and breast cancer in women. Have a read  if you like : http://www.naturalhealthstrategies.com/dangers-of-soy.html
Vancouver Personal Trainer Craig Boyd
Craig Boyd- Precision Athletics Vancouver

Craig Boyd is one of Vancouver’s top personal trainers, boot camp instructors, CrossFit coaches and Nutrition coaches. Craig enjoys coaching people of all levels of fitness that want to improve. His company provides one on one personal training , partner and small group training as well as group classes such as boot camp, crosstraining and fitness and complete soccer conditioning.

Check his websites are https://precisionathletics.ca/and http://www.precision-bootcampvancouver.com/ .  Feel free to email him your questions at [email protected]

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