Client of the Month: Anicka Quin

client of the month

Dedicated Bootcamp Participant Takes the Challenge

The 21-Day Challenge is over and while we haven’t tallied up the official results, one of the first clients to complete it successfully was Anicka Quin. Anicka regularly attends morning Bootcamp classes three times per week and goes

client of the month
21-Day Challenge Survivor Anicka Quin

out for a run twice per week. Upon hearing about the 21-Day Challenge, she was drawn to the nutrition component: “I had been thinking about the effects of wheat in my diet.” And she knew the act of filling out a daily food diary and reporting in with it would keep her motivated. Anicka upped her workout schedule to four Bootcamp classes per week and diligently followed the extracurricular fitness program, but the biggest challenge proved to be the eating plan: “It was really tough at times. The first 3-4 days were the hardest, trying to remember what I could eat and what I couldn’t…and dealing with cravings.” She also notes, “You have to be organized with your groceries…I was so used to grabbing crackers when I was hungry.” She was put to the test in her workplace. Working in the media – particularly during the holidays – meant her office was filled with enticing treats like chocolate, food baskets and bottles of wine. In addition there were numerous events involving canapés and constant drink offers. Anicka made it through unscathed: “By the end of week two, the temptation passed and I didn’t want it.” Her adherence to the 21-Day Challenge plan paid off. Anicka believes that adding the one extra Bootcamp class combined with the nutritional plan really made the difference: “I was building muscle and burning fat which helped the transition.” She is excited to have broken through her plateau, seeing a big improvement in her strength with pull-ups, weight carry and now being able to do ten toe push-ups. Craig, one of Anicka’s Bootcamp trainers reports, “Anicka improved her 12-minute run from 1.47 miles to 1.57. She lost 4 lbs and 6.5 cm – an 8% decrease in mm of fat with the calipers and a 10% reduction in total fat weight. Amazing results in only 21 days.” More importantly, she is dedicated to continuing with the eating plan during the week and taking a break on the weekends. “I celebrated with a burger, but I’m mostly eating vegetarian with some free-range chicken.” She doesn’t drink at work events during the week anymore and finds that being off wheat has “made a big difference” to her digestive system. Way to go, Anicka! Four questions for you: What motivates you? “I enjoy Bootcamp. I tell myself: I’m paying for it, I’m opting to do it, so I should go. And once I’m there I really like it.” What do you like about Bootcamp classes? “I love the instructors, they’re very positive and all offer different types of classes…(I like that) I’m competing against myself. It forces me in a fun way to stay in shape.” What’s your next fitness goal: “To do a pull-up on my own….I’m getting there!” Your advice? If you’re looking to make drastic changes in your diet (like the 21-Day Challenge participants did), Anicka notes, “The hardest part is the first few days – the withdrawal. But it will help you re-engage with your diet…and think about ‘clean eating’. It’ll help reset what is normal eating, and help (you) explore new foods.”

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