Trainer Spotlight: Craig and Pepe

The Beginnings of Precision Athletics

This month, we would like to highlight Precision Athletics’ co-founders, Pepe and Craig. November 11 marked the 21st year that Precision Athletics has been in business. Pepe Picco and Craig Boyd started their journey in 2001 working out of a commercial gym on Robson Street. The gym allowed independent trainers and the two friends saw a great opportunity to grow their business. They formed Precision Athletics after being awarded the contract to manage the gym for the Pivotal Building. 

Along the way, Precision Athletics has had the opportunity to work with many different trainers and staff that have brought with them their different training styles and passions. In addition, we have worked with many amazing clients who have kept us motivated to learn and refine our skills.

We would like to thank all of our clients past and present for allowing us to fulfill our dream of running this business. We are privileged and grateful that we are able to make a living following our passion for health, fitness, and motivating others. 


Craig has been working in the fitness industry since 1994. His passion for fitness, commitment to his clients and relentless energy are the driving forces behind his success.

Craig is a fitness education enthusiast: He has studied human functional anatomy, exercise physiology and biomechanics; and is usually always pursuing a new certification or taking a course. Craig loves keeping on top of fitness trends – if you want to know what’s hot and what’s not, just ask Craig (chances are he’s tried it too).

Master Trainer Vancouver Craig Boyd

Learn more about Craig here.


Pepe has over 20 years experience in the personal training industry and offers an extensive range of training skill sets from powerlifting to functional movement. Pepe prides himself as a very results-driven trainer with clients—he’ll push you to achieve your fitness goals, ensuring that it’s done safely and effectively.

When Precision Athletics was selected by U2 amongst some of the most qualified trainers in North America, Pepe joined the band on their 2005-06 European and North American tour, providing personal training services. This experience not only speaks to Pepe’s skills and drive as a personal trainer, but also to his friendly, easygoing, and trustworthy personality.

Personal Trainer Vancouver Pepe Picco

Learn more about Pepe here.

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