PEPE PICCO Co-Founder and Master Trainer

Pepe Picco

Co-Founder and Master Trainer


EXOS Performance Mentorship, Phase 1

C.H.E.K. Exercise Coach

C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Nutrition Coach Level 1

FMS Level 1 and 2 - Functional Movement Systems

Crossfit Level 1

Crossfit Basic Barbell certification

CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting certification

CPR and Occupational First Aid Level 1

Scientific Core Conditioning - C.H.E.K. Institute

Scientific Back Training - C.H.E.K. Institute

Program Design - C.H.E.K. Institute

Swiss Ball Training - C.H.E.K. Institute

Advanced Swiss Ball Training - C.H.E.K. Institute

Dynamic Medicine Ball Training - C.H.E.K. Institute

Steve Cotter Kettlebell Workshop

“High Performance Nutrition” – Infofit Workshop

“Rehabilitating the Hip, Knee & Ankle” - Infofit Workshop

“Rehabilitating the Hip, Knee & Ankle” - Infofit Workshop


Pepe has over 20 years experience in the personal training industry and offers an extensive range of training skill sets from powerlifting to functional movement. Pepe prides himself as a very results-driven trainer with clients—he’ll push you to achieve your fitness goals, ensuring that it’s done safely and effectively.

When Precision Athletics was selected by U2 amongst some of the most qualified trainers in North America, Pepe joined the band on their 2005-06 European and North American tour, providing personal training services. This experience not only speaks to Pepe’s skills and drive as a personal trainer, but also to his friendly, easygoing, and trustworthy personality.


- Detailed body composition and fitness testing

-Crossfit training

-Olympic lifting

-Strength training

- Sport-specific training

-Weight loss/body sculpting programming


A huge fan of competitive team sports, Pepe participates in ice hockey and ball hockey as many times per week as he’s allowed, dividing his time between Burnaby 8-Rinks and UBC. In Olympic Weightlifting he’s currently very close to achieving the 500/400/300 for Deadlift/Squat/Bench, and working on adding kilos to his clean and jerk and the snatch.

In any other spare time? He loves to coach his kids in hockey and soccer. He’s teaching them to have fun, enjoy exercising, develop good habits…and that effort and discipline pay off.

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