Precision Athletics Vancouver Morning Boot Camp Tuesday, June 1-2010

    Instructor Craig Boyd Warm Up

    4 laps/ 250 skips

    1 lap low lunges

    2 sets lines/ 200 skips

    1 lap sampson lunges with twist

    2 laps/ 150 skips

    1 lap side lunges

    20 bur pees

    10 push ups/ dips

    20 thruster

    10 pullups

    20 oh lunges ps

    10 push ups/ dips

    20 kb swings

    10 pullups

    20 Box Jumps

    10 push ups/ dips

    20 candels

    10 pullups

    20 wtd sit ups

    10 push ups/ dips


    Military Sit ups

    Side Raises

    Back ext


    30-20-10 Post times in comments Precision Athletics recommends attending their Vancouver boot camp classes to learn proper technique in these circuits prior to attempting unsupervised. Our staff will provide modifications/ scale the workouts to each class participants abilities and fitness levels.

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