My journey to Fitness. Should I work out if it hurts?

Urgh! My knees! It is hard to realize that I am not 21 anymore and that my joints take longer to recover after playing sports.  I have been having knee pain after my soccer games for the past 3 or 4 weeks.  The pain usually goes away in a day or two, but sometimes it hurts to do certain movements.  I tried to do Julie’s Speed and Agility fitness class the other day but had to quit because my knee was too sore.  Julie said that it was better to sit it out and get better than pushing through and getting a more serious injury.  Sounds like pretty smart advice. This week my knee seemed to be fine for my CrossFit class with Pepe and I got through all the exercises without any pain.  I must also happily report that I am getting better at doing pull-up if you can believe that (I guess it would have been impossible to get any worse at them haha).  I am still not going to tell you how many I can do in a row because its not that many.   Although it is not a massive improvement and my pecs and abs are not stopping traffic yet, I notice a difference myself and that is good enough for now. My advice for you is that if you have a sore limb, make sure you address the issue and don’t wait until it gets worse.  However, having say… a sore shoulder does not prevent you from doing leg exercises, etc.  So, as long as you are not going to aggravate an injury, try to go to the gym and get some exercise on other parts of your body. Talk soon, and keep at it!

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