My Journey to Fintess. CrossFit prep Day 4

Finally! My last day of prepping for the CrossFit class came and went.  As usual, I had my session with Pepe and we went over the last set of exercises.  This time we did wide-grip overhead squats, shoulder press and some more of those pull ups that I’m so good at haha. When I played football back in my university years, I developed a rotator cuff shoulder injury that made it difficult for me to do some shoulder exercises.  When I was doing the wide-grip overhead squats yesterday, I could feel that my shoulder was just about at the limit of range of motion that it should be at.  I knew that if I went outside that range of motion, my old rotator cuff injury would come back and it would be very hard to do the exercise properly.  Pepe explained to me that with proper form, I should have no problems with my shoulder.  To be on the safe side though, he asked me to switch from the regular bar with weight on it, to a very light wooden bar.  This would allow me to practice the proper form of the movement without the risk injury.  Once again, glad I had someone there giving me some good advice. So, it comes to crunch time!  I will have an assessment done next week in order to determine where I sand (exact weight, fat %, etc.) and I will even do the typical “Before” picture.  Over the months, I will keep updating my progress if you want to follow along. You can send me questions too if you want and I will try to answer them based on my personal experience or will direct your questions from one of the folks at Precision Athletics. Remember that you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook as well. Talk soon

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