CrossFit Junkie (Formerly “My Journey to Fitness”)

Hello all! Alright so I changed the name of the blog.  Why?  I felt that the previous name was too random and did not make it clear that it was about CrossFit classes (and other fitness classes in Vancouver).  The other name was also too long. Another reason I decided to change the name is because the CrossFit class at Precision Athletics has also changed.  Starting last week there is a whole new routine of exercises that we will be doing so I felt a new name would fit the occasion.  I’ve had two classes since this new system changed, one with Pepe and one with Julie.  What I’ve noticed is that the intensity of the warm-up has gone up and that there are fewer exercises in the core part of the workout.  To be honest, at first I thought these changes were going to make it easier, but these new circuits are tough.  I’m sweating so much during class that I think I need to bring a mop next time.  The instructors are still putting together routines that target the 3 largest muscle groups (legs, back and chest) so I still feel like I am getting a very good workout every time. I also have some news about my progress!  I was in Kelowna this past weekend and I noticed that my belly is looking trimmer.  I’ve also lost a few pounds to be at 195 lbs.  My arms are still looking skinny but I think that is more my fault than the CrossFit as I need to get more protein into my diet and maybe do some muscle specific exercises to target my arms.  Any tips out there? Summer is finally here in Vancouver and I am going to be at the beach as often as I can.  I will keep you posted about any other news but hopefully a bit of a tan and staying committed to my workouts will pay-off. Talk soon

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