July Clients of the Month Jen and Courtney

Jen and Courtney have trained with Jade McClure for 8 months.
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Jade says that “Nothing tastes as good as fit and healthy feels” and the truth of that quickly became clear to long-time training buddies Jen and Courtney. They’ve been training for marathons together for over three years and along they way they’ve tried other personal trainers and bootcamps. Courtney’s dad referred them to Jade when they were looking for training that was more tailored to their needs. “We really like Jade’s well-rounded, consistent approach and strong technique,” said Jen. “The biggest realization I’ve gained from Jade” adds Courtney “is that I don’t have to spend hours in the gym to get in shape if I also focus on my nutrition.”

Jade has become their ‘clean eating’ resource.  Jen and Courtney run with two other women, and Jade got all four of them on a clean eating program.  “We noticed a huge difference,” says Jen, “weight loss, increased energy, improved overall health.” Jen and Courtney ran their fourth marathon in May (plus a handful of half marathons). Now they’re more in maintenance mode. Courtney is focusing on her upper body in anticipation of her wedding in August. Each week they train twice with Jade, run at least twice together and possibly a few times on their own. “They’re really dream clients” says Jade, “they show up early, always warmed up, work hard and always have fun.”

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