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3 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

fitness tips to avoid weight gain

It happens every year. You get caught up in the excitement of holiday parties – the twinkly lights, platters brimming with baked treats, eggnog lattes and chocolate around every corner. Although you’ve worked hard all year to achieve your fitness goals, you abandon your program in order to indulge and enjoy the holiday. By the time January rolls around you need to redouble your efforts just to regain your edge.

It is possible to take part in the festivities without losing your hard won fitness momentum. Our personal trainers offer some practical advice to balance enjoyment with limits and avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain.

Party? Eat Before You Go

Craig, co-founder and master personal trainer, suggests eating something light and nutritious right before you go to a holiday party. An excellent choice is a salad with protein: ”That way you are less likely to fill up on calorie dense treats like shortbread cookies”.

Dining Out Solutions

Pepe offers this tip for healthy dining options: “If you find yourself at a restaurant that lacks healthy choices don’t feel compelled to order off the menu; almost any place in town can put together a special order of grilled chicken and steamed veg”.

Set Reasonable Limits

If you’ve been eating on point all year there’s no reason you can’t indulge a little over the holidays. Personal trainer and resident nutrition specialist Jade explains how to treat yourself without losing your progress:

“Save Christmas day for your fun eating. On Christmas, loosen up the rules, enjoy time with the family and all the holiday foods (and the lovely food hangover).

Where people usually run into trouble is the parties surrounding the actual holiday. This is where I set limits. I like the 3 drinks and 3 treats rule.

3 drinks and 3 treats for a few parties isn’t going to get in the way of your goals. Just make sure the day of the party you eat extremely well and get back to eating super clean and simple the next day and you’ll be fine”.

Enjoy yourself this season and don’t forget that a few extra classes will combat those extra treats!

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