Celebrating 15 Years of Training Excellence

15 years of personal training excellence

Precision Athletics turned 15 this November! Born from a passion for fitness and fueled by client success, Precision Athletics is now one of the top personal training studios in Vancouver. Co-founders Craig Boyd and Pepe Picco weigh in on the journey.

How did the concept of Precision Athletics come about? What was the original vision? 

CB: As a personal trainer I had experience with all types of facilities ranging from non-profits to mega gyms to small studios. Each type lacked something. It occurred to me that I could take the most appealing aspects of each gym and combine them to create a space that would not only be welcoming for clients but also a fantastic work environment for trainers. I knew I needed a partner who was just as passionate and driven as I was to make it work. The obvious choice was my friend and work out partner Pepe.

What are some of your greatest successes?

CB: Growing from two trainers to a team of ten has been a huge accomplishment. It’s a win-win when you consider that I get to do what I love while being surrounded by such high quality people: our clients and our team. Helping people achieve their fitness goals is incredibly rewarding.

PP: One of my most memorable moments was when Precision Athletics was chosen to provide a personal trainer for the 2005-06 U2 vertigo world tour. I took the position and worked with some of the band members for over a year during the tour. It was the experience of a lifetime.

What is the plan for the future? 

PP: We will remain one of the premier personal training studios in Vancouver. We are constantly evolving to improve the product that we offer our clients.

Though we are quick to adopt innovative techniques, you won’t find us jumping on board with every fitness fad. At our core we rely on training techniques that are tried, tested and true.

What advice would you give to someone who says they simply don’t have time for a regular fitness regime? 

CB: In order to add something in you have to give something up. Although it would be easy for me to say get up 30 minutes earlier and do a quick workout in the morning, the fact is that most people do not get enough sleep or good quality sleep as it is. Instead you’ll need to give up that hour of TV before bed and use that time to get extra sleep and maybe prep your breakfast or meals for the day. But getting that daily exercise is good for your mind, body and spirit. You will have more energy, be in a better mood, and be more productive. Investing the time in yourself is the best investment you can make. 

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