21 Day Corporate Fitness Challenge

With summer fast approaching, Precision Athletics is proud to present a 21 Day Fitness Challenge to all those who work in the Vision Critical Building at 858 Beatty Street in Vancouver. There is no cost to participate but plenty to gain from it!

Corporate Fitness Facility at Vision Critical building, 858 Beatty Street

Over 21 days (June 7 – June 28), we encourage you to make the best exercise, lifestyle, and diet choices that you can make. With every healthy choice you make, we will reward you points. Those with the most points every week will be rewarded with weekly prizes, and those who win the most points in the entire 21 days will be rewarded as well. There will also be prizes offered simply for participating. For our overall prizes: 1st Place will win: 2 months of free fitness classes (two classes per week) 2nd Place will win: 1 month of free fitness classes (two classes per week) 3rd Place will win: 1 month of free fitness classes (one class per week) If you need some help getting started on a healthier lifestyle, we’re currently offering a $99 Special. In this package, you will receive 3 weeks of fitness classes (three classes per week), a group nutrition consultation, and measurements and body fat testing at the beginning and end of the challenge. To sign up visit: https://precisionathletics.ca/specials/summer-fat-loss-challenge/ To be eligible for these great rewards, all you have to do is make a few healthy choices,and sign up by emailing Katie at [email protected] !

Challenge Details

We are thrilled to present you with our program which will encourage you to make healthier choices over the next 3 weeks and beyond. We have decided to concentrate on 3 main health aspects: activity, nutrition, and lifestyle. This challenge is open to tenants of the Vision Critical building.

Activity Based

• You will be rewarded with 1 point for participating unsupervised in 30 minutes of strenuous cardio activity or 20 minutes of weight training. While more activity is recommended, extra points will not be offered if the time is exceeded. • Four points will be rewarded for supervised cardio activity or weight training. Supervised activities may include: attending a spin class, going to a boot camp, or being trained by a personal trainer. Participating in supervised activity will encourage you to work even harder when a group or leader are present to motivate you. • We will also offer 2 points for those of you who post your workout score or time to our online chalkboard or  in the comments of this blog post.For instance, you could post your time for completing a CrossFit workout, the distance that you ran in your workout, or any other stats. Chalkboard and blog can be found at www.precisionathletics.ca

Nutrition Based

• Attending our Group Nutrition Consultation on Tuesday, June 8th at 6pm will provide you with the knowledge required to make healthier food choices for the rest of your life. This highly educational seminar will be worth 5 points. • Caffeine, soft drinks (regular and diet), grain, and sugar are shortcuts to a variety of health problems such as: diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Simply lowering consumption will greatly improve energy and vitality while decreasing body fat and stress levels. • Dehydration is often mistaken as hunger. Drinking 6-8 ounces of water prevents you from overeating and helps to maintain healthy skin and joints.

Lifestyle Based

• Taking the stairs at work is a great opportunity to get in extra exercise. • Getting enough sleep is essential for reducing stress and increasing energy levels. Sleeping early will allow your body to fully repair itself by the next morning. Sleeping before 11pm and getting 8+ hours will give you 2 points each. • Alcohol robs the body of much-needed water. Avoid dehydrating yourself and receive 2 points.

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