What is FMS?

Besides being another acronym to remember, FMS stands for Functional Movement Systems. FMS is essentially a philosophy about movement. It utilizes systematic tools to identify limitations (also known as “movement asymmetries”) in functional movement patterns.

The goal is to help people “move well and move often”.

The System

There are two tools used in FMS:FMS

Functional Movement Screen – Used to identify limitations or asymmetries in an individual.

  1. Assesses seven fundamental patterns
  2. Creates a FMS ‘score’
  3. Applies corrective exercises with the goal of improving the score

Selective Functional Assessment – Used for individuals who have musculoskeletal injury or experience pain with movement.

  1. Clinically assesses seven fundamental patterns
  2. Identifies the cause and source of symptoms
  3. Findings help guide the therapeutic strategy

In the Screen, a service we provide here at Precision Athletics, the score is interpreted by an FMS-qualified professional (such as a personal trainer or rehabilitation specialist). The appropriate corrective exercise are assigned, and after a period of time you are re-tested to assess and record improvements.

Who Should Do FMS?

In short form: anyone. But it’s especially helpful for individuals who have been injured or have some kind of physical limitation that he or she would like to improve.

Do you sit at your desk all day? You’d be a good candidate for a screen.

On the other side of the spectrum, if you are training for competitive sport, you could also benefit from a screen. It will identity any limitations in movement that you may not be aware about and are affecting your performance.

Even professional athletes have FMS incorporated into their training programs. A great example is Major League Baseball. Since MLB has the longest season in professional sports, the players are at higher risk for overuse injuries.

FMS assists in helping the strength and conditioning coaches determine how each player is moving and at what the level of asymmetry.

The following Precision personal trainers have FMS Screening qualifications:

  1. Level 1 Certification – Kelly
  2. Level 2 Advanced Correctives – Craig, Pepe

Contact us if you would like to learn more about FMS, your movement and how to improve it.

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