Meet Kaitlyn Wilbee, Our Newest Personal Trainer

Kaitlyn WilbeeWe asked our newest personal trainer, Kaitlyn, a few tough questions:

Why did you decide to join the personal training team at Precision Athletics?

Simple – great people (both co-workers and clients). People tend to check their egos at the door (rare for a fitness facility), which makes Precision a really fun, positive, and inclusive place to be.

Why do you enjoy working with clients?

I love guiding people to body awareness “aha” moments, and helping them build strength and mobility that translates into feeling and moving better every day. There’s nothing like seeing someone feel strong and confident in a movement that used to be a struggle.

What inspires you in your work?

Helping people finding a way to move that they enjoy. I believe that there’s no real ‘destination’ in fitness and it’s worth finding something that you love to do, so you can enjoy the journey.

What’s your fitness passion – something you just can’t give up?

It’s not the sexiest answer, but I’d have to say movement quality. Earlier in my athletic career I struggled a lot with overuse injuries because I had some fundamental muscle imbalances and postural issues. I recently committed to scaling back the intensity of my workouts and changing my focus to addressing those core issues. My body is now feeling better than it ever has and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that my performance hasn’t suffered at all for the time off. In fact, in some of my numbers have improved because I’m moving so much better. It’s been frustrating at points but overall such a valuable learning process that I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Is it true you were in the circus?

Hahaha! I trained in pole dancing, aerial silks, aerial hoop, and static trapeze for about 3 years, but was never in a circus. I performed at a couple of events but that’s it!

Read more about Kaitlyn’s qualifications and interests on her bio page, or book a session with Kaitlyn.


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