Trainer Spotlight: Mehrdad

Get To Know Our Coach, Mehrdad

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What were you doing before Precision Athletics?

I was working as coach and nutritionist for Steve Nash Fitness World for 10 years and also my own training company.

Why did you decide to join the personal training team at Precision Athletics?

Firstly, SteveNash Fitness World filed bankruptcy Due to Covid-19. Second, I was told by one of my previous clients that Precision Athletics clubs have a good and professional team and I got interested, and now here I am.

Why do you enjoy working with clients?

Since I did grow up really athletics, always even when I was young, I had a lot of passion to help people in any aspect which was related to sports and fitness. After I finished university it became more serious and it’s been almost 16 years I have been training people. 

What inspires you in your work?

Helping clients with different types of physiques and goals.

Do you have a specialized area of focus in your training?

Basically, I can work with any clients at any age. It depends on what their goals are – fat loss, strengthening, mobility, rehabilitation, tuning, gain muscles, etc. 

What is your fitness passion?

Seeing clients achieve what their dream is their bodies and discover what they are capable of. Sometimes they have never had good guidance and motivation, so I love seeing that in them.

What are your interests and hobbies outside the gym?

I do love skiing in winter usually because I used to racing moguls back home at nationals and hiking and also love music and movies.

Favorite food?

I love all food but my favourite is spaghetti. 

Favorite cheat meal?

Definitely high quality burgers and yam fries. 

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