Online Personal Training with Chris Martelli 

With so much of the world going online since the pandemic in 2020, more and more people have chosen to skip working out at the gym. Instead, they have found that their workouts can be done at home, with the guidance of an online personal trainer. 

At Precision Athletics, we are happy to be able to offer our clients online personal training. Now you can train from the comfort of your own home, while you are traveling, or even outdoors. Online personal trainer, Chris Martelli chats more about the benefits of online personal training and the results that you can expect from training online. 

Chris’ Personal Training Journey 

Growing up with sports and exercise, Chris realized that injuries were a common problem. He says, “ I wanted to understand the root cause of my injuries and learn how to treat them effectively. This experience had an enormous influence on why I became a personal trainer and why I think learning about how to manage and prevent muscle pain is so important.”

As a personal trainer, he is passionate about helping individuals who are suffering from muscle pain bridge the gap between rehabilitation and fitness. This way, they are able to return to performing the activities they love without restriction. Chris adds, “I believe everyone deserves a healthy and productive life, and it has always inspired me to learn how I can help create the largest impact. My goal is to help build a future in which, through technology and community, everyone has access to high-quality and practical health education.”

After obtaining his certificate for personal training in 2018, Chris began to dedicate his life to coaching and helping others with their health and fitness journeys. He views training as a long-term and continually growing career path and says, “I have continued avidly researching evidence-based coaching practices so I can best coach my clients. I strive to have a full and balanced understanding of how to optimize the desired physical outcomes for the individual.”

Training Online with Chris 

At the start of the pandemic, Chris transitioned to training online in March 2020. Moving from training in person and in the gym to training a client online was different in many ways. Chris says, “The biggest difference is you’re not face-to-face with your trainer. While this presents challenges, it’s also a good fit for individuals who want to minimize the outside distractions present in the gym and value confidential instruction.”

Benefits of Training Online 

Training online has made personal training so much more accessible to people. The ease and benefits of training online have made people more inclined to switch their schedules from in-gym workouts to at-home personal training sessions. Chris points out some of the numerous benefits of online personal training: 

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Save Time and Money 

Spend less of your time driving to the gym and finding parking before your workout and showering and driving home after your workout. Instead of driving long distances back and forth from work to the gym and back to your home, you minimize your commute by working out online and at home. You can also save on gym and studio memberships and parking costs. Instead, your funds can go towards purchasing your own equipment that will most likely be more cost-effective in the long run. 

You Can Be More Relaxed 

This doesn’t mean taking it easy during your workout. Instead, Chris explains that you can, “Minimize the likelihood of feeling rushed, insecure, and distracted. Getting to your workout is as easy as clicking a link to a video call.” In addition, there’s no need to feel pressure to use the gym equipment quickly because others may be waiting in line, and you also don’t need to wait in line to use any equipment! 

You Have the Comfort of Home 

Instead of being overwhelmed by crowds, you can work out in your own comfortable space. If you tend to like your space, online personal training is perfect for you. And after a sweaty workout, you can hop into your own shower! In addition, Chris says that working out at home may even feel safer for some people. He says, “If you’re starting your journey into training, a private setting can help build confidence without worrying about the judgment of other gym goers.”

You Can Create More Consistency 

Working out at home might require more discipline for some, but this actually a great thing! Practicing consistency and discipline is extremely important in order to create the results that you desire. Knowing that you have a video call with your trainer at a certain time every week, helps you to remain consistent and stay focused on your fitness goals. 

Your Trainer May Be More Focused 

Chris says training online benefits the trainer as well. “It allows your trainer to work efficiently; better manage processes, make priorities clearer, and prompt themselves and the client to function better as a team. Your personal trainer might be more effective at taking notes and keeping accurate and detailed records with a keyboard.” With fewer distractions for your trainer, they can focus their full attention on you. You can even screen share information like documents, images, and videos to help explain concepts such as the muscular system and body mechanics. Chris adds, “Your online trainer should have these resources queued up for your personalized sessions.”

You Can Be More Open 

Even though you may be communicating with your trainer through a screen, sometimes a degree of separation may lead to more open conversation. Since you are in the comfort of your own home and you are talking virtually, you might find that it is easier to communicate with your trainer and be more open about your challenges and fitness goals. 

Challenges of Training Online 

While Chris believes that online personal training is as effective as training in person, he mentions that there are a few challenges to consider. If you are thinking of beginning an online personal training regimen, keep the following potential challenges in mind: 

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In order to have a successful personal training session, it is essential that you have a stable internet connection, compatible software, and the technology that you need. Ensure that you have a laptop or tablet and Bluetooth headphones or earbuds so that you can see and hear your online personal trainer easily.  

Limited Space 

Ideally, you will need a large enough space that allows you to position your webcam at a far enough distance so that your whole body can be seen through your online personal trainer’s screen. If you have a cramped space, it may be difficult for your trainer to see you perform the exercises and correct your form. 

Trainer Isn’t Physically Present 

While you can definitely get a lot done and push yourself during an online personal training session, keep in mind that your trainer won’t be there to help you to change your weights or spot you and support your weight during a specific exercise. This may hinder you from safely lifting or pushing more than you could if you were training in person. 

Results from Online Personal Training 

If you are worried that you won’t see great results from working out online, you are mistaken! Chris says, “I’ve seen results from clients that are as effective using this method as the gym. One big plus is that I rarely have clients show up late, and this also results in more consistent attendance. The uptick in this consistency means we maximize the time spent on the workout.” He adds that clients who work out online seem less distracted, are never late, and are ready to show up and work hard. If you think that a virtual session won’t be as challenging or results-driven, Chris concludes that “I find virtual sessions are just as good, if not better than in-person sessions, as I have quick access to lots of material.” 

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Finding an Online Personal Trainer 

If you are looking to work with an online personal trainer, Chris says that it is important that you find a professional that you can be open with and easily relate to. To build a strong rapport, it is important to find ground and passion for your training and fitness process. 

Here are some tips when looking for an online personal trainer: 

  • Find a trainer who uses concise terminology.
  • Work with a trainer who can respond to their client and recognize warning signs and instances where further explanation is needed 
  • Work with a trainer who views your relationship as a partnership. You should be able to problem-solve and find solutions together. 
  • A trainer who is organized has a good video set up with space to demonstrate, and is well-versed with technology may be easier to work with. 

Work with a Precision Athletics Online Personal Trainer 

Precision Athletics is excited to offer online personal training sessions! You can work directly with Matt and he can expertly tailor the perfect online fitness routine for your needs. To find out more about our online personal training services, contact us today! 


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