The Quest for Killer Abs Continues: Core Strength

How Core Strength Taught Me Balance on Life’s Seesaw

lonely_on_the_seesaw_by_cindyyyh-d2yty90 defines balance as ‘a state of equilibrium or equipoise’. It’s that particular measure of inner being which yogic texts, Buddhist masters, Eastern medicine, and our dear mothers have been shaking their nimble fingers and encouraging us to embody– for limitless generations.

This lifestyle choice, has other names too– moderation, equanimity, middle way– and it’s at that pinnacle point of teetering on our internal seesaw, that can make or break you. Stress is the cause of 99.9 percent of all illnesses. While a touch of stress is crucial for our survival (i.e. helps us meet daily challenges), too much can be detrimental.

My early twenties consisted of a lot of stress– eight classes at school, part time work, volunteering, training for half marathons, and socializing (phew)I’m sure a lot of parents can relate, as you fumble between the juggle of work, soccer practices, day-care drop offs, domestic duties, quality family time and maybe even a little sleep!

My ego thrived off its injections of masculinity (push, go, do more, achieve), as it lacerated my body, and eventually shot my adrenals in the process. It was extensive travel which melted my extreme drive, and taught me the necessity of balance.

When I returned to Vancouver– and with the onset of my 30th Birthday– I felt a little too relaxed, a little too feminized (fitness-wise).  I believe it’s the personal balance within our psyche between the masculine (push, action, conquer) and the feminine (soften, listen, magnetize) which keeps us at our prime.

And that’s exactly why I joined Precision Athletic’s 360 Abs Program, which includes a balance of the following:

  • 360 Degree Abs Coaching
  • Fat Furnace cardio program
  • 21 Day Fat Flush Nutrition Program
  • Ongoing Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching

Precision puts a strong focus on– what I like to call– Precision Paleo diet, which is the linking force between the success of the other modules. Precision’s nutrition program rebalances our hormones, and brings our bodies back into a state of homeostasis– so honest energy feeds all avenues of our fitness practice, and life.

Holistic Health Counsellor Alisa Vitti says, “When are bodies are brought back to what they came from– a balanced state of being– we can effortlessly move into our greatest potential, and discover the unique purpose we were conceived to achieve”. 

After four weeks I gained seven pounds of muscle, shed 4.5 pounds of fat, and was bursting with caffeine-free energy. I was hooked, and signed up for another four weeks.

If you’d like to read how I did it, click here.  

After my second month, I noticed four dramatic improvements in my body: 

1) Core Strength: I guess all the Toe Taps, Roman Chair Leg Lifts, and V-sits have really paid off! My entire core unit– lower back, transverse abdominals, and obliques– have never been stronger!

2) Better Posture: I’m a writer and on my Mac eight hours plus a day. Before 360 Abs I was catching myself hunching over, which tightens the shoulders and throws off alignment. Now I’m able to sit for longer periods with yogic like posture, and not feel guilty for degenerating my spine! yoga-pose

3) Stronger Yoga Practice: In the yoga the muscles are stretched and lengthened, but there is not a huge focus on constant abdominal strenth.  Sure, it’s important to keep our bellies sucked ‘up and in’, but it’s not the same as doing a 30 minute 360 Abs class. I’ve noticed my yoga practice is stronger because my midline is now blazing brightly with internal fire, which feeds into all the yoga poses.

4) Stabler Moods: Co-founder and nutrition coach Craig Boyd ingrains the importance of eating a balanced meal every meal (with the proper proportions of fat, carbs, and protein). He says this keeps our bodies brewing with energy, and foaming with fat burning juices. My moods are much more stable, and I don’t feel dips now that I’m nibbling more protein.

Travelling showed me how my extreme, unbalanced, masculine characteristics were degenerating my health.  It was the stepping stone, or should I say– step back, my body needed for replenishment. Thanks to Precision Athletics, I learned the language of a balanced fitness program, and  how to attain body bouncing sleekness– while staying true to my internal seesaw.

Look Ma! I have core strength! Thanks 360 Abs!

About the Writer Jules Medilek is freelance writer who loves travelling, writing, cooking, and  fitness. If you’d like to connect with her, check out

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