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21 Day Challenge

Prizes and Measurements

Thanks to our friends at Tru Local we have a $150 Prize of free Tru Local Meat. Thanks to Body Energy Club we have 2 x $100 credits and 4 x $50 credits to our call centre to give away.

Everyone who completes the challenge will get entered in for a prize. The top two results will also get a prize. Stay tuned for more prizes and still invite your friends and family they can start any time in May. Share this link https://precisionathletics.ca/21-day-fitness-challenge-at-home/

If you want to be eligible for the results challenge take your girth measurement through your waist, your weight and a before picture (don’t worry we won’t share it if you don’t want us to). 





This challenge can be done completely without supplements. However, many people have asked about smoothies, smoothie recipes and protein powder. I make smoothies regularly as it’s an easy meal or snack on the go. Personally I use plant based protein powder and my favorite is Body Energy Clean Vegan Protein Powder. It is their house brand and it’s well formulated, tastes and mixes well and is very reasonably priced. Their website is https://www.bodyenergyclub.com/ and they are offering free shipping on local orders of $20 + if you call 604-559-5577 Service only available to the cities of Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver, Coquitlam, and Richmond.

Other supplements that are important I take a greens powder daily, vitamin D (my kids take it as well to boost immunity), Collagen to add to your smoothie and a good quality daily multi-vitamin. 

Tru Local Meat Delivery

Tru Local has stepped up as a sponsor of this challenge. They have come by the gym and provided samples when we were open and their products are all really high quality. Best of all by signing up to try delivery they will give you free ground beef on your first order plus free ground beef on every following order. See below: truLOCAL is here with FREE ground beef…. for life!​

I’m excited to share that we have partnered with truLOCAL to create something special for you, our Precision Athletics community. We know that many of you value the quality of food you put into your body to help support all of the hard work you put into the gym, which is why we thought this would be an amazing fit!  truLocal offers customizable meat plans that deliver the highest quality products all sourced locally here in British Colombia. With over 80 products available, there’s something for everyone! The bonus? They deliver it right to your doorstep. The extra bonus? You get to support local business.  

 So, what’s the deal? Between May 4th and June 30th, if you order a regular box with truLOCAL, you will receive 3 lbs grass-fed ground beef for FREE in your first box…. and 2 lbs grass-fed ground beef FOR FREE in all future orders FOR LIFE.  If you order a small box, you will receive 2 lbs of grass-fed ground beef for FREE in your first box….and 1 lbs grass-fed ground beef FOR FREE in all future orders FOR LIFE.  ​

Yep… once you sign up for this deal, you will get free grass-fed ground beef every time you order.  You can pause and reschedule deliveries at any time, and the deal will still remain.  No commitment necessary!  Make sure to use our promo code PRECISIONFIT at check-out on www.trulocal.ca.  This offer expires on June 30th so don’t wait to try out your first box!  To learn more about truLOCAL and their products be sure to check them out online! 


Please join our Facebook Group below and if you have questions post there. If you don’t have facebook you can email [email protected] please have grace on expected response time as we are homeschooling our kids. 


Craig & Pepe


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