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Hello everyone,

So far, this year has been an unprecedented and challenging one for all of us.

The COVID-19 crisis has changed our lives drastically, while throwing our routines for a loop.


Recognizing the Challenges

Life during the pandemic is a tough adjustment if you depend upon going to a gym, studio, or other fitness facility for physical fitness, training, and/or getting in shape.

Many of us are dealing with new demands and complications, accompanied by increased stress levels…and as we all know, more stress can negatively affect our behaviours.

Largely sheltering in place, only taking trips out for essentials, is causing a lot of folks to feel lousy—isolated, restless, anxious, or a roller coaster of emotions.

Plus, we may have become more sedentary. Immobility combined with additional stressors can easily lead to not-so-healthy habits like:

  • eating more junk food
  • treating ourselves to special foods on the daily (note: stress baking)
  • increased alcohol intake
  • more late nights binging on Netflix
  • less exercise!

You’ve tried exercising at home, but it’s challenging (e.g. kids, small spaces, shared space, motivation, etc.), not to mention the difficulty of finding the right routine or resource to stick with.

Can you relate to any of these challenges—or maybe all?


Our Solution

The personal training team at Precision Athletics is here to help! We thought this would be the ideal time to run one of our well-known 21-Day Fitness Challenges, adjusted to the fact that we’re stuck at home.

This Fitness Challenge will offer structure to enhance your fitness as well as improve lifestyle habits through these difficult times. We’ll provide you with resources for a lifestyle reset.

And it’s FREE! Please share with – no, make that challenge – your fitness friends, family, co-workers, and neighbours to take the 21-Day Challenge with you. We want to help as many people as possible!

Kick-off date is Monday, May 4…. this program is completely online so you can start anytime!

SIGN UP (sign-up closed)


Personal Trainer Vanocuver - Free Fitness Challange

The Fitness Challenge Includes:

  1. Exercise – Daily video workouts and activity suggestions

  2. Nutrition – Healthy inflammation-reducing eating plan and recipes

  3. Lifestyle – Stress-reducing strategies to make you feel energized

  4. Recovery – Videos and tips to help you move and feel better

Our team of Vancouver-based personal trainers have been busy filming workouts, and recording nutrition & lifestyle tips.

All materials will be online – participate from the comfort of your own home or yard.

Register below so that we can get you set up for May 4th!


Yours in Health & Fitness,

Pepe, Craig, and the Precision Team





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