Personal Training Results : December 2014

Client of the Month – Jordan Pickett

Each month we review the Personal Training Results on our clients and share them with our readers for inspiration and encouragement. Jordan has seen amazing progress in the short time that he has been training with us. He’s proud to say he’s lost over 10cm around his waistline in 4 weeks.   IMG_0129

Q: How did you first discover Precision Athletics?

I was just browsing online for places that were close to where I live that I could go to work out. I saw great reviews for Precision Athletics and decided to look at the site. While on the website I saw that there was a free personal training session that was available for new clients and decided to go for it!

Q: What is your favourite part about Personal Training?

My favourite part about Personal Training is knowing that I am in good hands. The trainer ensures that I am doing each exercise properly and pushes me to my limits. The more you work with the trainer, the better they understand your strengths and weaknesses and can help you reach your goals.

Q: What keeps you motivated to come to your appointments?

It may be a bit weird, but the main thing that is motivating me is the belts I wear to work. Before I started going to Precision Athletics I had to get a new belt to fit me which was very discouraging. Now, however, I have gone down 3 holes in the belt! It’s really cool to see the progress everyday and makes me want to continue working harder.

Q: What are your current fitness goals? How has Precision Athletics helped you toward reaching these goals?

My current goal is to do the Spartan Race next year without stopping for a rest. Precision Athletics is helping me by changing my entire lifestyle. They are not only helping me with my strength but are helping me out with my endurance. I haven’t been with here too long now, but seeing the progress I have already made is making me very confident for the race.

Q: Tell us what is your favourite exercise and why?

My favourite exercise has to be Dumbell Flys. The reason is because I have always had issues with growing out my chest. My trainer figured out that my shoulders are very strong, and have been doing all the work my chest is supposed to be doing. Its nice to finally feel like my chest is improving.

Q: Now, what is your least favourite exercise to hear you have to do?

My least favorite exercise is running on the treadmill. I have always been a sprinter, so long distance running isn’t my favourite. That being said, I do want to get better at it for the Spartan Race next year.

Q: How do you transfer what you do/learn at your sessions into your lifestyle?

I have put all my trust in my trainer when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. I was told the importance of eating properly and so I completely changed my eating habits. This has given me a lot more energy and now I feel like walking to places I would usually take transit to. I try my best to make the healthiest decisions considering that I already know where the unhealthy ones lead to.

Q: What major accomplishments or break-throughs have you had recently?

The biggest break-through I have had is changing what I eat. I completely adjusted what I was buying, keeping in the fridge and the choices I make when it comes to dining out. This break-through has helped me with my biggest accomplishment. After my first month with my trainer, I have lost 10 pounds and almost 4 inches on my waist!

Q: Anything else you’d like to add, go for it!

If I could add anything it would be that I am very thankful for all the help Precision Athletics has done for me. My trainer, Nerida Karlen, has been unreal for my confidence and helping me reach my goals. If you are trying to get back in shape, make sure you adjust your eating habits as well. It will do wonders for you.

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