My Journey to Fitness. Saturday CrossFit

Saturday….a day to relax….  At least that is what I thought before I showed up for Taunya’s class at 10 AM.  What I thought was going to be a leisurely Saturday workout ended up being a massacre! haha.  In a good way though. For the first time in I don’t know how many months it wasn’t raining on Saturday, so I decided to bike to my CrossFit class.  When I arrived, Taunya already had the exercises written down on a board and I noticed that there was a “warm-up” section.  “Do I have to do that if I biked here?” I asked.  Yes, was the unfortunate answer.  I’m not going to exaggerate and say that it was the hardest workout I’ve done in my life, because it wasn’t (hope Taunya doesn’t take this as a sign that it should be harder next time hehe), but it certainly wasn’t easy. Few times do I remember having sweat so much from a workout and although I felt like quitting a few times, I pushed through to the end.  My legs were noodles for the rest of the weekend, but man did I feel good.  I know its hard to hear and that we all wish there was a magical and painless way to get fit, but there isn’t.  If I want to loose this gut of mine, its going to hurt and take a lot of sweat, period.  Unfortunately its hard for some people to push as hard as they need to in order to see results, and that is precisely the reason why the CrossFit class is so good.  The trainers and the people in class are there to motivate you to push hard and get skinny.

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