My Journey to Fitness. CrossFit day 3

I’ve always found it particularly difficult to come back to the gym on Monday after a weekend of bad food and a few beers.  I was a bit sore from the previous days of working out (its usually the case after I’ve been away from the gym for so long) so I was hoping for some easier exercises. On today’s session we did dumbbell cleans, medicine ball cleans and one exercise the name of which escapes me but it involves a round weight with a handle on it.  Please excuse me for not knowing the name, but it involves swinging the weight between the legs and raising it above one’s head.  Although, as I’ve said before, my experience with fitness and exercise if probably above that of the average gym goer, for me it was quite exciting to be doing an exercise that I had never done in the past.  The motion came natural as it involves building momentum on the weight from between the legs to above my head using the power from my hips. Now for some brutal honesty.  When I was first told that I needed to attend 4 preparation session before I could start the CrossFit class, I frankly felt they would be a waste of time.  “I know how to do most exercises” I thought.  Well, after 3 sessions with Pepe I can tell you that I’m glad I took them.  Not only did I get some good advice on stuff I already had a good idea how to do, but I learned some new moves as well.  I once read that keeping a variety of movements and exercises is very important in order to avoid muscle plateau.  I feel that these introductory sessions will make it easier to get the most benefit from the class. More to come after session 4. Stay tuned for a facebook page I’ve created and for updates on Twitter. Talk soon. RAUL

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