Little Black Dress Challenge

This fall, 11 dedicated ladies rose to the Little Black Dress Challenge and the results were inspiring.

Through mindful nutritional choices, hard work and a tailored 28 day transformation program, they collectively lost almost 100 lbs!

Fitness is Always Available

Here is the thing: real fitness is available to anyone, at anytime. All is requires is the right mindset, total willingness, and a PLAN. Precision Athletics provided the plan, and these 11 ladies blew us away with their tenacity and openness. WE are inspired!

Part of what makes this group fitness program so much fun is that we track both inches and weight lost. These touchpoints serve to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE when those thoughts of chocolate, Netflix and couches creep in (which they inevitably do).

By the numbers:

In total, exactly 97.8 lbs were lost. Gone, gonzo, bye bye.

Top 3 for Weight Loss:

Erin T. – 32 lbs lost
Vanessa V. – 14.4 lbs lost
Mary C. – 8.6 lbs lost

Top 3 for Total Inches Lost:

Erin T. – 20 inches
Vanessa V. – 10.8 inches
Becky H. – 9.4 Inches

Top 3 for total Fat Loss*:

Erin T. – 43.1% loss – (Wow)
Mary C. – 37.8 %
Becky H. – 30.8 %

*these numbers refer to the percentage of available fat lost, not total body fat

So please join us in a round of standing applause. Three cheers for making health a priority! While this challenge is over, there’s still time to register for our 28 Day Transformation Challenge. The secret superpower of this group fitness program lies in the meal planning, grocery lists and weekly inspiration (provided by us, of course). We know the pitfalls that threaten to derail a great fitness regime and steer you UP and AWAY from them before you have time to get off track.

So sign up today! What will YOUR numbers be?

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