An Expert’s Guide: Finding the Right Training Program

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You’ve probably found yourself on our blog because you’ve been searching for a personal trainer in Vancouver, researching the best fitness class to take, or considering buying an online coaching program. There is an overwhelming amount of options out there for all three training options. As experts in the field, we’ve combined our knowledge and experience to put together some pros and cons of each program so you are able to select the best one for your goals, budget, and lifestyle.

Hiring a Personal Trainer

personal training vancouver

No matter what your goals are, a personal trainer will work with you to design a program specifically geared towards you. They’ll be there to work out with you and check in on what work you’ve been up to between sessions. Before hiring a personal trainer you may want to consider these pros and cons.


1. Accountability

Having a personal trainer means having a reliable person invested in your success. We’ve all been tempted to bargain and rationalize ourselves out of a workout. Hiring a professional to schedule work outs with and to check in with you in between workouts means you’ll have two people on your side.

2. Motivation

Finding the motivation to push ourselves to reach our personal excellence can be a struggle. When you work with a personal trainer, they will be there to push and encourage you towards meeting your goals.

3. Knowledge

A personal trainer who is properly qualified for their job has the knowledge you need to find a fitness plan that will work for you. They will help you sift through any misconception’s you may have picked up from other sources and will help you focus on a strategy that will make it easier for you to achieve your goals. Meet our qualified team on Vancouver personal trainers!

4. Personalization

There is not one plan out there that works for every person. Working directly with a personal trainer is the best way to get a fitness plan that’s personalized to your goals, schedule, and lifestyle.

5. Nutrition

Many personal training facilities, including Precision Athletics, have tools to set you up with a meal plan that will support your goals and help you achieve them faster.


1. Cost

This con is debatable. Though it is true, hiring a professional to personally work with you can come with a high price tag. However, the price tag will usually come with all of the pros listed above.

2. Questionable Credibility

Not all personal trainers have the same level of experience and credibility. Before hiring a trainer, be sure to read their profile to see their qualifications, experience, and specialties. If you have specific requirements for your fitness plan, try to find a personal trainer with experience in your needs.

Signing up for Group Classes

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Group classes are scheduled fitness programs led by an instructor in a variety of exercises. These classes are often high energy and community driven. Here are our pros and cons of taking group fitness classes.


1. Comradery

When you begin taking group classes you will naturally begin to form relationships with the people you’re working out with. Working out with a group of people who have similar goals and workout schedule provides positive peer pressure to push yourself and keep the program up.

2. Fun

Working out can be a fulfilling and energizing experience but it’s not always a fun way to spend your time. Working out with other people is the best way to liven up the experience, find encouragement, and make friends.

3. Cost Effective

Signing up for a group fitness class is a cost-effective option when one-on-one personal training is out of your budget. Depending on your budget and where you sign up, you can get several weekly full body workouts with a trained professional for an affordable rate. See what we mean on Precision’s Group Fitness page!


1. Crowded

Depending on the facility you are taking classes at, class sizes can get overwhelming. Before signing up for a class be sure to call ahead and see if there are class size restrictions. Some facilities pack their classes but at Precision Athletics we prefer to provide our clients with a premium experience by limiting our classes sizes to a manageable size.

2. No Personalization

Group classes often welcome people of all walks of life and experience. To make sure everyone is able to participate and get a good workout in, the classes often focus on full body workouts. Not necessarily a con, but if you have specific fitness goals you are working towards, you may want to go with training options that allow for targeted workouts.

Buying Online Coaching Packages

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Online fitness programs are packages you can buy from an online source that often include extensive workout plans, nutrition guides, and all other information you will need to find success in the program. There are a variety of plans out there to purchase so before buying one consider these pros and cons.


1. No Regional Restrictions

The biggest advantage of buying an online training program is the unbelieve access you have to coaches from around the world. Some of the most sought after and experienced trainers have programs you can purchase that you’d otherwise never have access to because of where you are located.

2. Good Value

Online programs often come with a package that is full of knowledge, advice, meal plans, and a workout program for you to follow. Prices will vary from program to program, but you can often find one that will provide you with all of the above at an affordable, one-time fee.


1. Self-Motivated

Often with these programs, you are the only one accountable for staying on track. Some coaches send scheduled check-in emails or have group chats for their participants to contribute to, but for the most part, you are on your own.

3. Lack of Credibility

Beware the allure of perfectly marketed social media stars. These personalities may look great and have a strong following but they may not have the experience you need to reach your goals.

4. Not Personalized

These programs are often advertised as being personalized to the individual but the personalization is often surface level by providing a program directed towards superficial goals. They do not always take into consideration your current fitness level, lifestyle, and other factors a personal trainer or class instructor would account for when working with you.

When choosing a fitness program, it’s important for you to find one that sets you up for personal success. Weigh in the pros and cons we’ve mentioned when deciding on a program that fits your lifestyle, goal, and budget.

If you have any questions or would like to start your program, get in touch with us at Precision Athletics. We have a team of trained personal trainers in Vancouver and a variety of class options for you to choose from.

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Yours in health!

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