Working with Female Personal Trainers in Vancouver

female trainer vancouver

Thinking of hiring a female personal trainer in Vancouver?

People start personal training for many different reasons. Usually they want:

  1. accountability
  2. expertise
  3. motivation
  4. education, and most importantly,
  5. results

Before you embark on a fitness training program, another major factor to consider is scheduling—when and how are you going to fit these sessions in? For those of us with families and busy lives, that word might more accurately be described as “juggling.”

Once your motivation and scheduling have been determined you’ll need to choose a personal trainer that’s the best fit for all of your needs.

The gender of the fitness trainer is not important to everyone but it is very important to some of us. Many clients feel more comfortable training with a female personal trainer. At Precision Athletics in Vancouver we have several amazing female trainers on staff. Some of our female personal trainers have their pre- and post-natal training certifications as well.

As a female client, another consideration is that your trainer has the expertise to train your female physique effectively in order to achieve your desired results.

At Precision, our trainers have education in a specialty program designed specifically for female clients. This module is called “Equal but not the same” by Paul Chek of the Chek Institute. Paul developed a training formula for women that “increases strength and reduces the risk for injury by acknowledging the unique characteristics and specific needs of a woman’s body.” The use of these principles – in addition to our training experience and knowledge – will provide a platform for your fitness success.

Let us help you achieve your fitness goals much faster (and with less injuries) than training on your own.

If you’re considering hiring a female personal trainer in Vancouver, and you’re looking for a woman that is passionate about fitness and has the experience and expertise. See which of our female personal trainers might be a great fit for you!

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