CrossFit Junkie

Hello everyone, Well, between CrossFit, beach volley ball and soccer I am having a summer full of physical activity and starting to look like I am back in shape. My girlfriend goes for runs every day and she always tries to get me to come with her.  To be honest, I have never found running to be fun.  I know it is a great exercise but I find I get bored of it very soon.  I can play any team sport for hours on end but it’s a bit harder to get it organized. Perhaps the think I enjoy the most out of CrossFit is the kind of team spirit and a bit of competition that goes on.  If it wasn’t for people spotting me or pushing me to do one more rep, I would not have as much fun and would not be getting good results.  I am enjoying the changes to the classes and I’m glad to see a bit more muscle definition on my body.  Team sports are a great way to get some cardio, but they don’t tone and develop muscles as much.  The hard exercises from the CrossFit class are really helping me get a beach worthy body again. I’ve been hitting the beach over the past couple of gorgeous days we’ve had here in Vancouver and I’ve not only noticed that there are no harpoons on me at the end of the day, but also a few looks from the ladies haha (yes, they can still look even though I’m taken). Does anyone have any tips about how to get a better breakfast going? Talk soon..

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