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21 Day Challenge - At Home

Welcome to the 21 Day Healthy Lifestyle Challenge! We have the dates listed as May 4-25

but feel free to start anytime in May. We have broken the parts of a healthy

lifestyle into different sections. Please read each section completely and watch

all related videos before sending in questions. We will do our best to answer all

questions we do get.




Program Overview with Craig Boyd

Each section of this challenge, if taken up on it’s own, will deliver decent results.

However, when combined the effects magnify. Many of these changes focus on hormones.

Although many may seem like small changes such as getting to bed earlier and

not using electronics for one hour before bed, they have a profound effect on your

circadian rhythm which is your natural sleep wake cycle. Given we are in a stressful time,

cutting down unnecessary stress, such as eating potentially inflammatory foods

also makes a difference to your hormone levels.

By making these adjustments for this 21 day period you will feel great and

have more energy to exercise and enjoy life. The sections we will provide details on are:

Nutrition, Exercise and Activity, Lifestyle and Recovery.


You will be following a healthy whole food eating plan. Download the PDF (below) and

have a read. By eliminating inflammation causing foods

you will feel better and have more energy. Eliminating grain is not a permanent step

but replacing grains higher nutrient food sources like vegetables you will be getting more vitamins and minerals.

Nutrition Resources:

21 Day Nutrition Booklet

21 Day Challenge – Nutrition FAQ


21-day-healthy-lifestyle-challenge-plant-based-not-vegan (1)



Breakfast Recipes

Lunch Recipes

Dinner Recipes


Exercise and Activity


Given the current situation with gyms closed and people sheltering in we have created

workout videos that require only the equipment you will have at home such as

a backpack filled with books or other heavy items, cans, bottles etc.

The equipment/ household items  necessary are listed for each workout. The workouts

are broken into upper body and lower body components. There is a specific warm–up

for upper body and lower body training days. Please do the warm–up before you start

the workout. The workouts should take you around 30 minutes to complete. The workouts

are designed so you can do a 30 minute session each day and get your body moving,

increase blood flow, release endorphins and raise your metabolism.

You will alternate upper and lower body training days. So if you start on Monday

with Upper Body workout A the next day you will do Lower Body workout A then on

Wednesday you will be back to Upper Body B.


21 Day Fitness Challenge at Home
Modified HSPU – Kelly


Upper Body Warm Up

Upper Body Workout A – Equipment needed: Weighted Back pack or Suitcase.

Upper Body Workout B – Equipment needed: Weighted Back pack or Suitcase, 10-30 lb cans or full bottles, towel/sheet, park bench, soccer goal.

Upper Body Workout C – Weighted Back pack or Suitcase, cans or full bottles, access to stairs or a step (if possible).



Lower Body Warm Up

Lower Body Workout A- Equipment needed: Weighted Back pack or Suitcase, skipping rope optional.

Lower Body Workout B – Equipment needed: Weighted Back pack or Suitcase, large pillow or cushion, access to stairs (if possible).

Lower Body Workout C – Equipment needed: Weight back pack/suitcase/bucket and a chair or box to step on.


21 Day Fitness Challenge at Home
High Plank – Alison


We are recommending 30 minutes of activity per day in addition to workouts. This could

be a walk, jog or ruck at your nearest park. Rucking for those of you not familiar with

it’s walking with a weighted pack. It’s a great way to elevate your heart rate

and is easier on the joints than running.Pack weight can vary but 20-50 lbs should

be sufficient to elevate your heart rate.You can get your 30 minutes of activity any

time through the day including before or after your workout. If possible I would separate the

two and do your workout in the morning and activity in the evening. This is just to

maximize the effects of raising your metabolism.



Part of this challenge will be helping to re-set your body’s natural circadian rhythm or sleep

wake cycle. This Circadian rhythm also affects your hormones through Melatonin and Cortisol

Production. A simple analogy is taking a tropical beach vacation. People come back well 

rested and feeling amazing. Now part of it is removing the stress of daily schedules.

However, part is from getting up early with the sun and watching the sunset and going

to bed early as you are tired from getting up early and from it being dark early.

Since there is a ban on travel and we can’t recommend a trip to the tropics we will

be recommending in bed between 10 and 11, no electronics or TV  before bed for at

least one hour.


21 Day Fitness Challenge at Home
alcohol and fitness training


Many of us have been enjoying a few too many glasses of wine or beer during this lockdown.

Alcohol affects your sleep. Even one drink can affect your body’s ability to fall into a deep 

REM sleep. This REM sleep is necessary to produce Growth Hormone which helps to build

and repair tissues. From an exercise standpoint alcohol inhibits fat loss. 

Alcohol is turned into a waste product called acetate and your  liver prioritizes elimination of 

acetate over fat loss. So for both of these reasons we will be eliminating alcohol for the

21 Days.


21 Day Fitness Challenge at Home
Caffeine and training


Many people rely on their morning coffee for “that get up and go!”

Caffeine has a half life of four hours in your system.  A coffee with 100mg

caffeine four hours later you will have 50 mg in your system, four hours after

that 25 mg, four hours later 12.5 mg. Caffeine affects your bodies ability to fall

into a deep restful sleep. It may take a few days to feel the effects

but not having caffeine in your system leads to a deeper sleep and awakening more

rested and not needing caffeine. Substitute  Swiss water decaf or herbal tea.

I have been running health related challenges for 20 years and this is the most

controversial part. However, without a doubt the one where people thank me afterwards.

Having relied on coffee for years and not getting true rest, people are satisfied

after the challenge as they feel they have so much energy without caffeine and

realize that they do not truly need it.