What is Tabata Training?

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Tabata Training is a type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), consisting of eight rounds of ultra-high intensity exercises. The interval is 20-seconds of maximum intensity, and 10-seconds of rest for one movement only. So only a four minute workout.

Sound easy? The challenge is executing four minutes of the same movement at the ultra-high intensity. If you’re not knackered after the four minutes, you can go harder. Many people mix up movements into one workout, i.e. do a series for four exercises twice (one set each). And there’s nothing stopping you from doing the cycle a few times, bringing the total Tabata workout time to 12 or 16 minutes.

Why Consider Tabata Training?

It provides a great full-body anaerobic and aerobic workout. It immediately raises your metabolism and heart rate, helping you shed extra pounds of fat while building lean muscle in the long run.

How to Incorporate Tabata

Try including Tabata Training once or twice per week depending on your fitness level. Be sure to warm up properly with dynamic exercises. You’re bound to feel sore after your first week, but your body will adjust. Precision Co-founder Craig Boyd suggests, “Find a free Tabata timer app that counts the rounds for you. I usually choose 6 exercises: 3 compound and 3 core, and then alternate.” For example:

  • Skipping or double under skips
  • Hollow rocks
  • Kettlebell swing
  • Plank or weighted plank
Box jumps
  • Swiss ball jack knives

“This workout takes 24 minutes and will elevate your metabolism as well as train your core,” says Craig. Other compound movements to try: Thrusters, burpees, squats or medicine ball overhead slams.

If you’d like to try Tabata with a certified personal trainer first, contact us to set up a session.

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