We’re Doing It: Spartan Race Vancouver

spartan race vancouver

We’re stoked to have another team competing in the Spartan Race on Mount Seymour on June 6th. If you’ve never done it before, this 5 km race integrates obstacles with the natural terrain to create a uniquely challenging course every time out.

Spartan is all about stamina and surprise – there are no course maps and their goal is to “rip you from your comfort zone.” Think mud, water, barbed wire, fire and more.

Sound like your type of fun? Join our team, including Craig, Katie and other clients. Team members are timed individually and aren’t required to cross the finish line together, but it’s obviously more fun as a group and there’s a sweet group discount when you enter “PRECISION20” as a promotional code. Online registration closes June 5th.

Contact Katie for further questions about the Spartan Race in Vancouver or joining our team!

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