Personal Trainer Shawn is Back

personal trainer shawn pallan vancouver location

Our newest personal trainer, Shawn Pallan, is returning to Precision Athletics this month. Shawn has been a personal trainer for 25 years and has enjoyed every aspect of the business.  Helping people effectively achieve their fitness goals whether it be one on one, sport specific or rehabilitation has been the focus of his longstanding commitment and love of the industry.

Shawn became a trainer in 1994 and since that time has worked with a variety of clientele including general and MVA rehabilitation clients, MMA fighters, Special Olympic Athletes, movie industry actors and employees, 2012 Olympic Athletes and Orca Bay with the Vancouver Canuck farm team.

Shawn’s passion for the industry and wanting to do the best that he can for the people that come to see him, has him always continuing to expand his knowledge.

“The industry is continually evolving, you need to adapt and evolve with it. As well have an eye for what works vs what is just a fad.”

If you would like to train with Shawn, please contact us.

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