Performance Goals: Q1 2012

In the spirit of New Year’s Resolutions and in place of our usual monthly challenges, we’ve asked clients to set at least one performance-related goal for this first quarter of 2012. We’ve written up everyone’s name and goal on a board in the gym AND on our blog to show intention and to keep up motivation. Bookmark this blog post, and if you’re having a tough day – the type of day that you’d rather go out for beers ‘n wings than the gym – remind yourself about your publicly-stated goal.

Performance Goal List

Annicka Q – 15 toe push ups Sarah H – 2-minute plank Robyn S – 1 push up unassisted Keith H – 10 weighted pull ups 45 lb John V – 25 pull ups, no break Aaron V – 50 double-unders, no break Nick S – 10x  weighted pull ups 25 lbs Eric F – 315 lb squat Stewart H – 10 pull ups Pat M – 10 pull ups Glenn S – 5 pull ups Karly – 10 underokey double-unders + 1 strict pull up Bryan – 5 pull ups + 90-sec plank David – 400 lb deadlift + 40 unbroken pull ups Kayla – 10 kipping + 75 unbroken pull ups + 2 HSPU Craig B – 10 km run in under 45 min + 420 lb deadlift + 120 unbroken double unders Phil K – front squat 285 Rowan S – 15 unbroken pull ups Jonny – 15 double unders, no break Charles – 1 vertical push up Good luck everyone! At the end of the quarter, we’ll post everyone who achieved their goal. If you’re interested in adding your name and goal to the list, please let your trainer know.

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