New Class: Kettlebell Conditioning


We have a new group fitness class, Kettlebell Conditioning, on the schedule! Called “a cannonball with a handle” by many, the kettlebell is a unique fitness tool that has gained major momentum (pun intended) over the past decade as a tough, uncompromising and effective workout. Beyond being a passing fad, kettlebells have found a home in almost every gym, and are utilized by athletes, physiotherapists and the general fitness crowd like you and me.

What to expect in this class

Kettlebell Conditioning combines different kettlebells with bodyweight and TRX training to give you a high intensity full-body workout. Expect to work everything: your core, strength, flexibility and metabolic conditioning.

As with all Precision group workouts, we’ll make sure you’re engaged, having fun and learning some dynamite new skills.

Why not free weights?

Why do we use kettlebells instead of free weights? There are two main factors that differentiate kettlebell training as a form of resistance training:

1. Momentum

Unlike other workouts, use of momentum is a key aspect of kettlebell training. The foundational movement, the Kettlebell Swing, involves explosively swinging the bell in an arc from between the knees to eye level. This movement builds strength in the entire body – particularly the legs and butt – since you have to stay tight and contract the back of the body forcefully to keep the bell moving. Because the bell is moving continuously, the movement provides a cardiovascular as well as a strength stimulus.

One of our Kettlebell instructors, Kaitlyn, notes, “The shape of the bell means it can be used with momentum in a variety of different ways – some simple, some complex. The resulting range of kettlebell skills and flow of the movement makes it uniquely engaging and gives it an almost zen-like flow.”

2. Uneven Load

The unique shape of the kettlebell provides an additional stabilization challenge when used for classic strength movements like the shoulder press or goblet squat. Having to stabilize an uneven load amps up the core challenge and increases the efficiency of the workout.

Who is this fitness class best suited to?

Regardless of your starting point (new to kettlebells or not), we welcome everyone to Kettlebell Conditioning class.

The overall workout and movements are easily adaptable to suit your experience and comfort level. We are teaching the class on a four-week progressive cycle but because there are two instructors, we have no problem accommodating total beginners every week. We just split the class for the technique instruction portion (about 15 minutes of the class) and teach the new people the first/intro week’s class. The rest of the class can be easily adapted to any skill level.

Come check out Kettlebell Conditioning class to help you get closer to your fitness goals. Contact Kaitlyn with any questions.


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