My Journey to Fitness with CrossFit

Hello everyone, Yes, I changed the title of my blog a bit just to make it a bit shorter.  Last week was not great for me as I was only able to attend one class.  I have been having problems with me knees after I play soccer so I wanted to take it easy. I did attend Julie’s class and I am happy to report that I improved my previously recorded time (yup, I was impressed that she actually wrote it down.  It is extremely helpful to be able to have a basis of comparison from class to class in order to see if you are making any headway and also to see if you are pushing hard enough.  Many times before I have tried to keep a notebook with notes on my workout progress but find it…or I should say I don’t find it because I usually loose the notebook hehe.  Its nice to have the trainers at CrossFit keep track of how I’m doing. It looks like my knee is getting better as I played some good volley ball and ran a bit over the weekend so I am going to try to do at least a couple of classes this week.  Saturday was actually the first time since I started this program that I was shirtless for most of the days.  While I don’t think I am going to replace Christiano Ronaldo from the cover of the magazine yet, I did get a few encouraging comments from the Mrs. about the looks of my body.  Most importantly though, I have been feeling with a lot more energy and that in itself is worth the hard work during CrossFit class. Talk soon.

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