Meet Personal Trainer Alison Babichuk

Vancouver personal trainer Alison Babichuk

Co-owner Craig Boyd says, “Alison graduated with accolades from a great program at Langara. She has excellent energy and a real passion for fitness, so we immediately knew that she’d be a great addition to our team of trainers.”

What were you doing before you joined Precision Athletics?

I completed my Kinesiology Diploma at Langara College in December. After that I went on to write my NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer exam and became a personal trainer. Just before starting work, I travelled solo for a month in Australia and New Zealand and had the absolute time of my life. I’m so excited to be part of Precision Athletics!

Why did you decide to join the personal training team at Precision Athletics?

When I first stepped in here for my interview, I knew immediately that this would be a place I would love to work at. The trainers are so friendly, the facility is clean and organized, and it’s so amazing to be surrounded by people who share similar values as I do.

Why do you enjoy working with clients?

I enjoy working with clients because I have a passion for helping others and wanting to better the lives of as many people as possible! I get inspired everyday from the people I work with and my clients because I love seeing hard work pay off.

What’s your fitness passion (something you’re obsessed with or that you just can’t give up)?

I am obsessed with powerlifting! I started powerlifting in September 2019 and have absolutely been loving it. I’ve seen incredible progress, more than I’ve ever seen before, in my strength. I love the confidence and energy it gives me and I hope to compete in the future!

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