March Fat-Loss Challenge

body composition
Measuring girth and body composition is the best way to tack progress or fat loss

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. There were plenty of inspirational athletic moments. There were also a lot of people off their normal routine. Whether it be from Olympic disruption or changing routines to catch some of the excitement, a lot of people have slipped off track in February. We wanted to get everyone focused on getting back in top form for the spring. Here is our latest challenge. We are focusing this time on measurable results. March’s challenge will be fat loss. To measure and enter you must do a full assessment (which includes our girth measurements) or a mini assessment (just girth and body fat) during the month of March. You only get 21 days before your next assessment. You will be re-assessed (body fat and measurements )after 21 days by the same trainer. The contestant who loses the most mm of body fat and cm’s off of girth measurements wins. The results will be compared based on percentage of original score. For example if you start with 200mm of fat as a total for the 7 spot skin-fold and you lose 20 mm you have lost 10% of the starting total. That would be the same as a person with 100mm losing 10 mm. We will be offering prizes for the winners.  Top Prize will be 3 months of free classes ($600 value). More prizes to be announced next week. You do not need to be a personal training or group fitness client to enter, but you may have to pay for an assessment. Tenants and members of the buildings we manage the fitness centres in may qualify for a free assessment.  To enter you have to get your body fat and measurements done and post them in the comment section of this post along with your results 21 days later. Last day to start is March 31 st so we will be announcing winners April 20th. There is no time like the present to get started! Looking forward to seeing all the results! To co-ordinate an initial assessment please contact your trainer or email us at [email protected]  Prizes: 1st Prize 3 months group fitness classes with Precision Athletics (Value $600) 2nd Prize 2 months group fitness classes with Precision Athletics (Value $400) 3rd prize 1 month group fitness classes with Precision Athletics (Value $200) Precision Athletics is Vancouver top personal training and group fitness company. Check out more information on their classes and services at or

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