Heavy Lifting Class, Tuesday June 8th, 2010

Another personl best 225lbs x 5 sumo deadlift
Another personl best 225lbs x 5 sumo deadlift
Rouz sets a personal best in theSumo Deadlift of 225 lbs x 5

Today is week ten meaning in two weeks we will be having our final meet for the class. Interested to see the improvement in 12 weeks. See below for this weeks workout and homework. Posts loads and comments to comment section.

Week 10  
Front Squat 5–5–5
Press 5–5–5
Sumo Dl 5–5–5
Wtd chin 5–5–5
Squat 5–5–5
Bench Press 5–5–5
deadlift 5–5–5
Wtd dip 5–5–5

  Precision Athletics recommends attending their Vancouver heavy lifting classes to learn proper technique in these exercises prior to attempting unsupervised. Our staff will provide modifications/ scale the workouts to each class participants abilities and fitness levels.

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