Client of the Month: Wayne Pomario

Already Extremely Fit, But in Search of a Flatter Stomach Wayne runs 6 days per week, covering off 85-105 kilometers. He also has been working with personal trainer Craig Boyd twice per week since 2004. A former elite cyclist and marathon runner, Wayne is in great shape. Except, like many of us, he has a weakness for sweet stuff: “Chocolate. And not the good stuff…I’m talking about M&Ms.” His treat of choice is chocolate candy, and quite a bit of it. Despite the running regime, Wayne still wasn’t happy with his midsection and wanted to get rid of the extra fat around his waist. So he set a new goal to get rid of the fat: “I felt uncomfortable with my stomach…and I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. To have all this chocolate around me and not touch it.”

Personal Training Client of Mont Wayne P
The new Wayne has limited his love affair with chocolate.

He started by reading The Lean Belly Prescription by Travis Stork, MD; and then discussing with Craig how to change his diet, which needed an overhaul: “I don’t like healthy foods.” Two of the key changes were to incorporate a protein at every meal and to choose more healthy food options. Breakfast is now a smoothie and snacks include yogurt or nuts. He still allows himself a little chocolate at dinner, but no longer eats it throughout the day—if he feels like it, he just reminds himself he gets to eat it after dinner. He also has a ‘cheat day’ when he can eat whatever he wants: “My go wild day…pizza, chips, chocolate…” This helps him get through the week of healthier eating. He also gives himself a break when he travels, but is definitely more conscious of what he eats while away. The results? At the start of this change (the end of July), he weighed 156 lb with 13.9% body fat. At the end of August, he weighed in at 148 lb and 8.7% body fat. All of his measurements with the calipers had been cut in half. Very close to reaching his weight-loss limit, his new challenge will be eating healthfully while keeping his weight up. Besides achieving a flatter stomach, Wayne says he feels better in general, “I feel like I have more energy, both while running and doing exercises like pull-ups.” Three questions for Wayne: What motivates you? Working out in general:Having a personal trainer. Sometimes you don’t feel like working out, but he’s waiting for me and I’ve paid for the session…it helps to have someone push you to improve, otherwise you don’t push yourself hard enough.” Motivation for the fat-loss goal: “Seeing the measurement results. Once it started dropping off, I was motivated even more.” What do you like about working out with Craig? “Craig is a fantastic trainer—he’s hard, makes you work…always pushes you to your limit and there’s no getting out of it.” Your advice? “Have a good reason for achieving your goal…whatever is really going to motivate you. You have to set measurable short term and long term goals, that are achievable yet challenging.”  

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