Client of the Month: Rowan Smith

October Client of the month-Rowan Smith

Canucks Playoffs Aftermath Inspires Corporate Fitness Challenge

The three months of hockey playoffs this year were a blast, but they also put the kibosh on the exercise efforts and diets of many Vancouverites. Rowan Smith, a group fitness and personal training client since 2007 noted, “I gained 10 pounds over the playoffs. It was back-to-back days of beer and chicken wings.” And no exercise. With summer around the corner, Rowan didn’t want all those chicken wings to affect how he felt with his shirt off at the beach, so he created a Corporate Fitness Challenge at his office. His challenge to his coworkers: “$500 says I’ll lose more body fat than anyone else in 60 days.” There were nine takers. Before starting, each contender had a body fat analysis completed by Precision to set the baseline (which Rowan funded), and then on June 23rd the challenge was in full swing. Some people partook in the group fitness classes, while others hooked up with a personal trainer for additional motivation and support, “Everyone was impressed by the team of trainers…they were caring and very knowledgeable.” Others, like Rowan, altered their diets with some coaching. August 23rd was the weigh-in. Rowan found that he had lost 20% of his available body fat. However, the challenge winner ended up losing 33% of his available body fat. The third place finisher lost 18%. All impressive results for 60 days of hard work! In the end, Rowan didn’t really lose his $500 because the winner insisted on putting the money towards a guy’s trip to San Francisco. So a happy ending for all. What’s the next fitness goal for Rowan? “I’m going to lose 10 pounds by December 1st” through another corporate challenge, this time funded by the owner of Rowan’s company. Three questions for Rowan: What motivates you? “With my lifestyle and career, I started working out to avoid being morbidly obese by age 30. Part of my family tends to be on the heavy side…and my bad diet habits don’t help. Exercising helps me maintain (a good shape).” What do you like about working out with a trainer? “I found I preferred working out with a trainer than going a 6am Bootcamp workout in cold weather. I like that it can fit into a crazy schedule like mine.” Your advice? “Set a regular time, stick with it and make it a priority—put it in your schedule. Also, the diet component is really big, at least 75% of the issue. Working out is great, but nothing beats the right diet.” If you are interested in organizing a corporate challenge for your office or organization, contact [email protected] for more details.

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