Client KUDOS: Adam Goes from Zero to Three

When Adam L. first contacted Precision Athletics, his initial goal was to simply to get fit and ‘muscle up’. While not overweight, he had barely set foot in a gym before. Adam committed to three x 60 min. personal training sessions with Pepe Picco every week. Over eight weeks or 24 sessions, Adam achieved both of these goals. And, to his surprise, gained much more strength than he originally imagined. We spoke with Adam about his relatively quick journey to success: What brought you to the gym? I decided to start personal training because I had never worked out in a gym environment before. I needed some guidance so I could learn to do things correctly without getting hurt. I also wanted to tone up and lose some body fat, and didn’t want to waste my time trying to do it on my own. What motivates you? I kept going back because I liked the push everyday. And I felt very accomplished after every session, making progress with weights every workout. What is your biggest achievement? I’ve made great progress in 8 weeks: Going from not being able to do even one rep for a lot of the exercises, to being able to bench press my own body weight – and being able to dead lift almost double my body weight [155lbs].

Client kudos-Adam

The Results

His lifts after 8 weeks:

  • Barbell Deadlift – 225lbs x 5 reps
  • Barbell Squat (below parallel) – 225lbs x 3
  • Bench press -120lbs x 7

Pepe adds, “The amount he is lifting is pretty incredible for the length of time he’s been training…Adam was motivated and had the metal discipline to achieve his goals. He was truly invested, meaning he came to every session ready to train and with a positive mindset. He followed the plan, including the nutrition component, and was really dedicated.” [Read Pepe’s Trainer Tip on mindset here.] Adam had planned just one more session with Pepe before hitting the gym on his own. He’ll be armed with a progressive workout program created by Pepe, as well as the gym experience he originally felt he was lacking to use weights on his own.

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