Boot Camp Morning workout 7 am Thursday, June 10th-2010

 Instructor Craig Boyd
Skips 150
Sampson Lunges 30 (15 ps)
Push ups 20
Sit Ups 20
Side raises 20
Skips 150
Sampson Lunges 20 (10 ps)
Push ups 15
Sit Ups15
Side raises 15
30 pull ups or assisted pull ups
30 box jumps
30 sdhp
30 jack knives sit ups
30 lunges ps
30 push ups
30 Wtd sit ups w twist ps
30 knees to elbows outside ps
30 step ups ps
30 1 arm kb swings  ps
30  Burpees
30 back Extensions (machine)

Previous Scores Kristie 21:27 Katie Gove 16:19 Denise 24:25:00 Sarah 28:15:00 Post times in comments Precision Athletics recommends attending their Vancouver boot camp classes to learn proper technique in these circuits prior to attempting unsupervised. Our staff will provide modifications/ scale the workouts to each class participants abilities and fitness levels.

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