Sara Camron Personal Trainer Vancouver

Sara Camron

Personal Trainer


Happy Hearts Certified - specialized in cardiac rehab by conducting personalized exercise programs and medical assessments

FAME Certified - instructor for Fitness and Mobility Exercise for people living with stroke

Emergency First Aid (with CPR-C & AED)


Canfitpro Certified Personal Trainer




The fitness industry was not Sara’s first career choice, she started out in finance and corporate marketing and then followed her passion for fitness. Sara has worked for the City of Vancouver in a variety of fitness roles and is now a proud Personal trainer for Precision Athletics in Vancouver. Sara’s love for physical activity started at a young age, where she could be found playing hockey with the boys and just anything that consisted of a ball, racquet or club. These years of continuous physical activity and all the knowledge gleaned has led Sara on a path to learn more about the body, how one can improve upon the fitness they have and in some cases, start from the beginning. Regardless of what stage you are at, Sara takes pride in helping people reach their goals, improve their physicality and enhance their quality of life – all with a big smile, lots of encouragement and laughs! 


Functional strength training

Post-Rehab Programs

Posture Correction

Older Adult Fitness Specialist

Fitness Training

Partner two-on-one training

Fitness Training

HIIT Training

Athletic Performance

Core Strengthening

Trail run clinics

Working Around Injuries