Kaitlyn Wilbee Senior Personal Trainer

Kaitlyn Wilbee

Senior Personal Trainer


FRC Mobility Specialist

Kilo Strength Society Advanced Program Design Level 1

Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist (PPFS)

Precision Nutrition Certification - Level 1

Body Harmonics Pilates Mat Teacher

Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor Level 1

CrossFit Coach Level 1

MovNat Level 1 Trainer certification (MCT)

Health and Fitness Alliance Personal Training Program

Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist certification

CPR C/AED and Emergency First Aid certified


With broad education and coaching experience, Kaitlyn’s approach prioritizes high quality movement as a means of achieving health and physique goals. She’s committed to working with you to develop a balanced, challenging, results-based program that’s tailored to your body.

During your sessions, you can expect free-flowing encouragement, frequent check-ins, and helpful feedback. Her goal: to not just go through the motions, but to help you understand what good movement feels like.

Kaitlyn’s passion for movement and empowering others is what led her to ditch her desk job and start helping people find an active lifestyle they love.


- Weight Training

- Functional Fitness and Mobility

- Returning to Training After Injury

- Pre and Post Natal Training

- Core and Glute Training

- Posture Improvement


In her own movement practice, Kaitlyn believes in moving well and moving often. She currently enjoys physique and deep core training, mobility work, and playing with unconventional movements like crawling and balancing.

Ever the armchair scholar, you may also find her deeply engrossed in learning about anatomy, psychology or brain science. When not at the gym or filling her brain with knowledge, Kaitlyn loves exploring new places and eating tasty food.

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