Power Hour: Bars & Bells - Powerlifting Vancouver


Muscle up, lean out and get significantly stronger with this specialized fitness training program. Benefit from personalized coaching in a small group format, highly focused on powerlifting, strength and conditioning and, of course, CORE work.

What to Expect

We’re targeting strength through compound movements in this action-packed fitness program! We’ll give you a weekly workout plan to follow, and you’ll attend two small group training sessions per week. Each session is divided into two segments:

  • Powerlifting

    Learn how to perform all the major powerlifting movements and some variations.

  • Strength/Core Conditioning

    Take on our conditioning circuit of strength movements (e.g. body weight exercises, plyometrics, farmer carries, kettle bells and more) plus isometric and dynamic core work.

  • Kettle Bell work

    Work your upper body, cardio and CORE with Dynamic Kettlebell Movements

Ready to firm up?

Check out this client’s ‘before’ and ‘after’ progress photos:


The low down on the Operation Alpha workout in downtown Vancouver:

Class size:

Semi-Private, 4 participants max.

Session commitment*:

1 hour x 2 days/wk


12 Month Commitment or Month to Month

Program duration:

$78/week or $99/week

*Note: If you miss your specialized fitness training session, we are unable to accommodate make-up sessions or credit your account.